last week on ye olde blogge 

Are you reading ? Here’s what you’ve missed!

A lesson I keep learning over and over: I can be both.

I shared a video of a short yoga sequence for small spaces.

And I told you about my process for clearing out my email subscriptions. MyMay starts THURSDAY! Are you in?

By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to identify what behaviors are truly self-care and you’ll have different options for building them into your day. You’ll have a foundation of self-care behaviors and a braintrust to help you brainstorm, see past roadblocks, and to give you a swift kick when that’s what you need.

What you’ll get:

  • A guided process to set intentions, dreams and goals through daily emails April 30-May 3.
  • A new printable (designed by Cassie at Back to her Roots!) for each of the four weeks, beginning May 4 and running through May 29. Each week will present a different way of looking at pursuing your self-care goals.
  • A private facebook group (which I will check daily) to share your successes and your challenges.
  • Optional one-on-one coaching to accompany your progress. We would schedule a call (skype/facetime/old-fashioned phone call) during Week 1 to discuss your goals. I would check in via email or text message once a week throughout the month to discuss successes and challenges.


Click here for more information and to register!


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