#reverb14 // prompt 29 // a day in the life

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 29

Day in the life: Describe a typical day-in-the-life.  Give us details!  Give us pictures!  Sometimes our days can seem boring.  Is that okay?  What do you do to make your days feel a bit special?

Today (erm, yesterday?)  was the return of my friend the smoothie!


I felt super cute today. Picture in the elevator at work!


I love that the lobby is still decorated for Chistmas.


After an uneventful work day, I came home and checked off a very annoying task that had been weighing on me. To celebrate, I broke into some nuts from Cassie.


And then the FedEx stalking of my Christmas present to myself continued.IMG_0215

I finished the playlist for the yoga class I’m teaching on Thursday. Here it is on Spotify.


I found one of Nathan’s old shirts in the clean laundry pile he folded for me. It is mine now.


Standing poses while hair color sets? Yes, please!


Leftover Irish Stew for dinner. I love when Nathan helps with the menu. We end up with lamb and fancy stuff.


One last look at the planner. Everything is checked off! And I’m about to imitate Herschel Cat, but I’m going to bed. I’m too good for the floor.


courageous foundation long

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