curvy yoga teacher training – round 2

My absence has been purposeful.

I have been living. Absorbing. Learning. Reflecting.

I have completed half of my classroom hours toward becoming a yoga teacher.

I am a year older.

And, friends. My heart is full.

Suitcase. Air mattress. Early bedtime. Nashville Sarah was oh-so-welcoming.



There are few joys like an iced latte from the Frothy Monkey.


I love LOVE everyone involved in my teacher training – both students and instructors. I love that we can have salad and garlic knots and pizza for lunch. All at once. It is so wonderful to just eat without food issues hanging over.


The studio has really came together since we were there last. The artwork is just fantastic. My intention for the week was to be brave. In a calm and peaceful way. Without aggression or forcefulness.


A toast for a day well done. My milkshake. Root beer and probably a pretty hoppy IPA.


I don’t know how many trips we made up and down this staircase. And each step? Yup. There was love there.


I adore this spot. There’s just something about this little nook that makes me feel nice and cozy and at home.


My drive from Sarah’s to the studio is hilarious. Get on one one interstate. Take the first exit to the left. Take the first exit to the right. Then cross three lanes of traffic and take the first exit. It is just hysterical. And when I come to a stop? This is my view. This is Nashville.


Every morning, we’d gather down the street at Bongo (after my stop at Frothy Monkey). And it felt like Cheers. Except with amazing muffins. Don’t make me choose between the Sweet Potato White Chocolate and the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. They both made fantastic afternoon snacks.


You may notice both of the muffins in my learning space.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 6.44.04 PM

The window seat in the classroom is so inviting.


We walked to lunch every day. And the choices are just amazing. Pork belly and shrimp noodle soup. Yes, yes, yes. As we discreetly texted about the old-school celebrity sitting at the table to my left.


There is something about this place. Suits. Yoga pants. Big hair. Baby-wearing dads. Artists in action. Bibles and highlighters. So much feeds me other than the amazing latte and blueberry+lavender+lemon scone. Seriously, though. This scone. I took home three.


This is right after I busted in the quiet room. I barreled in and said, “Whatcha doin’ Karin? OH SHIT! This is the quiet room!” And then we took a selfie.


Yumm. Caffeine. Notice a theme?


Sandwich and salad ended up being my lunch of choice most days.


Yes, Nashville, I am here. I am in Sarah’s super tall bed with quilts, quilts, quilts. I am surrounded by new yoga pants. I just got off the phone with my darling husband. I have amazing friends and teachers who have such sweet souls. My belly is full. I figured out Half Moon against the wall (I think my heart is still smiling). My body is exhausted and my heart is full and I’m thinking about actually fixing my hair tomorrow. I will be 37 in two days but I don’t feel the weight of “late thirties.” Not at all. There is so so much gratitude in the here that I am in. (But I still wouldn’t mind if Nathan was physically here with me.)


This space is so, so sacred. We are brave. We are curious. We trust Anna and Liz and each other. This space, friends.


I so love these women. I hide in their bushes (how did I not get a picture of this, Carrie?!?). We are on trying-on-pants-as-a-group terms. Woo, Pants Party! We tell ghost stories. We lay hands on each other (with permission and, sometimes giggles). And I can’t wait to be together again in March.


You can learn more about Anna Guest-Jelley’s Curvy Yoga Teacher Training here. And, if nothing else, click over because the photos of the studio are beautiful.

I am on my way, sweet friends.



  1. OK, I feel like I need to create a blog of my own, so that I can do a post dedicated to how much I LOVE THIS post!!

    First of all, the pictures…I always love your photos, when I look at them I think, I want my life to look like that!
    Second of all, it is so refreshing to see delicious, real food being enjoyed without guilt, without excuses, without a disclaimer that 100 miles will be run to undo the sin of eating a cookie. I could go on and on about this, but I know you know.
    Third, I have tried yoga a million times over the last 10 years. I just don’t like it. Its not my thing. Same thing with running. And yet the way you present both things here is still absolutely interesting and entertaining to me. I’m not going to do yoga or run. I’m an elliptical queen and a walker…as in walking outside, not as in OMG Darryl stab it in the face. But I am encouraged and inspired to do MY physical stuff by reading about you doing YOUR physical stuff.
    I’ve been following you for years, love what you do. Thank you so much!!!

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