she said…

Sometimes it is easy to forget.

She said…

… how kind and wise and stark you are.

… you forced me to think about my best self and take small, manageable steps to making that a reality.

… you already set my world on fire. 🙂

… you are passionate about people and that makes you awesome to be around.

you have a unique ability to rally and encourage people.

… I have spent the majority of my day today completely and totally immersed in your blog.

…you make changing my life fun and miraculous and exciting.

… your words feel very yogic to me.



  1. Hi again another thing that would be pefrect is that the e9rase Button had. A confirmation before deleting ethe photo its too easy to delete9 it by mistake. And what happens after one year? Thanksand for you i would recommend that you checked how tour pro app appears on iTunes because it only shows when you look specifically for it. Great work yours !

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