my direction for the blog

i just thought you should know…

And Be Still started this morning, but you aren’t too late! Click here to get more information and to get signed up!



  1. I don’t love yoga but what I love is learning from you the lessons you’re getting from this (being content with your body, peace, quieting the mind, connecting with your soul and your faith) so I am still on the radical commitment bandwagon. There are so many lessons one can take from this–with or without the yoga affection.

    Also, I love Hershel. And your happy glow-y face. And your photos. And you! I’m just so damn proud of this growth and exploration you always open yourself up to and the authenticity you maintain.

  2. I love that you’re so passionate about yoga and how happy you seems to be about all of it. I’m interested in how you fit that in with your faith because I had a friend wince when I told her how valuable I found my 20 minute yoga before bed and it had not occurred to me that it was an issue. Joys of being brought up Catholic and Salvationist, I guess! I like reading about where you are and what you’re learning so this is all good to me!

  3. I am seriously SO incredibly dedicated to reading your blog, it’s insane! The fact that you are in sort of the same spot as me in Yoga only makes me that much more interested! I am excited to continue reading your journey and experiencing this stuff right here with you.

    You have been such an inspiration to me in my yoga practicing!



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