weekly recap

Friends. FRIENDS.

The last week was pretty good. I feel good overall: yoga, productivity, eats. Lots of good stuff.

But nothing even compares to this thirty seconds of utter hilarity.

The Niece teaching Uncle Nathan to “hula loop.”

You’re welcome. (And there is a teacher video also uploaded on my youtube channel.)

Happy Monday!

IMG_2125Don’t forget! Goals at Choice starts in ONE WEEK!

My latest coaching offering is one of my favorites. You get the best of both of worlds: the intentional processing work AND the accountability services. We’ll have a phone chat to set 4 goals for the month of September – health, self-care, space (home/office/car/etc), and stretching (out of your comfort zone). And you’ll receive a lovely printable tracker designed by my friend Cassie at Back to Her Roots!

You can read about my daily goals here.

Questions? Comments? Leave them here or email me at Krissie@committedcoaching.com


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