what I’ve been doing

Sometimes when I go silent for a few days, it is a sign that maybe you should worry about me a little. But that isn’t the case. I’m living, friends.

I’m running again. And looking for fun places in my beloved Lexington to show you that I’m running.



I am spending time with friends that I don’t see often enough. With yoga and wine. (photo credit to Sharon Tessandori of Barefoot Works.)



I’m teaching Herschel yoga. I have no idea what she’s doing here, though.20140727-173420-63260126.jpg

I’m loving my experience with my Erin Condren notebook + bullet journaling system.

20140727-173417-63257333.jpgI’m cooking again on the regular. This Mexican Quinoa Casserole is AMAZING.

20140727-173422-63262147.jpgI’m working on things. I’m coloring things. I’m loving the ladies in Find Your Flow and the rest of my clients. I’m cooking up future offerings, and trying to decide what to do next. I’m being coached.

20140727-173423-63263559.jpgThings are good. Things are beautiful. I’m looking around. I’m having hard discussions. I’m being joyful. I’m just out there.


I hope you are showing up for yourself today. Doing the work. Paying attention.

Doing hard things. Doing brave things. Doing the things that you want to do for you.

You deserve it.


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