lovely fourth

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

-Guillaume Appollinaire

Whiskey Sour.


Dancing husband.


Pool husband.



New pretties.20140706-174126-63686441.jpgLittle Niece playing ET.


Big Niece being launched on her float.


Perfect after-church donut stop.


An afternoon of building Find Your Flow.

Happy girl.


Find Your Flow starts FRIDAY! I couldn’t be prouder of how it is shaping up. Lots of information, assignments, and journal prompts. Take what works for you, release the rest. This offering is one that I am very excited to work through myself to as I build it. Of course I wouldn’t put anything into the world that I didn’t believe was beneficial, but this just offering feels especially relevant. Struggling with exercise? Motivation? Feeling self-conscious and discouraged when exercising or even thinking about it? Start here. And comment here or email me ( if you have any questions/concerns/uncertainty if it is for you.

Happy Monday, friends!


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