the week that was

Last week. It sure was lovely.

My friend Casey told me that I needed to make the Mango Noodles from my Happy Herbivore cookbook. Amazing. (And I added a bag of frozen broccoli, just like Casey said.)


I finished Poser by Claire Dederer. I really liked it. Sometimes the yoga connections felt a little forced, but it was a nice reminder to see how my yoga practice and my place in the world are related.


I am cheating on Erin Condren with these printable command center pages from Cassie at Back to Her Roots. I am carrying them in my EC though, and using it as a fitness journal. So I’m just…repurposing.


It is impossible to work with Hershel around.


I think my love affair with Panera has ran its course. They dropped the Spinach Power Salad and I am distraught. I loved that blasted salad. Soup and sandwich just isn’t the same. I am not happy about it. Not one bit.


Although date night included bourbon this week, so that made me very very happy. Angels Envy, Curaçao, something I don’t remember, and bitters. Glorious.

After the Panera disappointment, I was super motivated to pack my lunch. Lots of Bentley Boxes, as AshleyGee has dubbed them.


Our Scully Girl is getting old and I am starting to worry about her. So I’ve done as much of this as possible.


On Saturday night, we just stumbled upon stationary bike races at our local brewery. And, of course, we knew the emcee. So my Nathan went first round in the Battle of the Gingers. And he brought the title home.


I also opened registration for beFULL this weekend!


I absolutely adore this offering. Weekly journal prompts and little bitty daily assignments that help identify the intentions for our day and then act in alignment with them. Lots of fun, while still being kinda challenging and a little outside of the usual comfort zone. This will be the last time I offer beFULL in this format. (I have big plans!)

If you’ve done beFULL before, it has been, what, 9-10 months ago? I’d love it if you left a comment here letting me know how you’re doing and what kind of lasting impression it had for you.

You can click the link here to register and for more info.

Here’s to another week!



  1. BeFull…such an amazing experience! If you haven’t done it…it’s sooooo worth the money and effort and everything. Truly a course that got me thinking about who I am, what I want for me, and the ways in which I settle for less, when I should be working for more. It was one of my first experiences working with Coach Krissie, and the one which made me say “this lady knows her stuff…there’s a lot here for me to learn, if I’m open to it”. It’s a turning point kind of experience, if you’re willing to put yourself out there.

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