What I Ate (Tuesday on) Wednesday

I love these photo food diaries. And I really love when they fall on fun days!

Breakfast: my usual smoothie. Milk, spinach, almonds, chocolate protein powder, Via, frozen banana.


Morning snack: strawberries and grapes.


Lunch: I recreated the Starbucks protein box. They aren’t carried around here. And this way sure is cheaper.


During my long afternoon commute, I made a stop for some water.


And then a second stop.


Then we headed to Cincinnati. We decided to try out Local 127. Friends. Wow.

Bourbon cocktail. Other details unknown.


We split these pork belly nuggets with sour cherry sauce. Pork belly is why I could never be a vegetarian.


And then a burger. Onion marmalade. Tomato jam. Fantastic. I subbed a salad for the fries. I ate a bout half + 1 bite of the burger.


We walked through downtown Cincinnati to the Taft. And were greeted by what we hadn’t seen together in 7 years: Nickel Creek.

They were amazing, just as I had expected.

We’ll get home around midnight (how crazy is it that I am blogging from the passenger seat in the car?!?), so tomorrow/today might be a little rough.

But TOTALLY worth it.



  1. Not gonna lie, my mouth just watered! I’ve never had pork belly and while the “sound” of anyone/thing’s “belly” doesn’t sound appetizing – I ain no fool and know that it would be freaking delicious. Oh and “tomato jam” – sounds like a burger topping perfection! So glad you had a great trip and you totally nailed it – you LIVED LIFE and did it totally in a balance way. Awesome 🙂

    • There is nothing in this world that I love more than pork belly. If it is on the menu, I will get it. What I didn’t mention is that Nathan’s entree actually included pork belly and I refrained from eating more than one bite.

      As I sat in the crowd last night, I had a moment when I closed my eyes and thought, “THIS. This is what life is about.” Such an amazing day. On a Tuesday.

      On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 8:39 AM, my radical commitment wrote:


  2. That’s a good day. I don’t know Nickel Creek but I have tickets in October to see Old Crow Medicine Show and I’m beyond excited so I understand how amazing it is to see a band you love. Hope your late night isn’t giving you too many issues today, my late night is (catching up with a school friend and feeling like 24 years just flew and we’re still pretty much the same people!), the temptation to drink all the coffee is immense but so far I’ve resisted but lemon and ginger tea is not cutting it!

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