April Intentions

I feel like I made it through March with passing grades. I wasn’t cruising through my classes, I was doing just enough to pass. I was doing just enough to not lose ground. And that’s not where I want to be.

My initial plan was to spend April making a organization and cleaning plan that I would start to utilize in May. But that’s just not going to happen. So here’s what April will look like:


  • We are going back to vegetarian-at-home. I just felt much more in control that way. You’ll see several new recipes later in the week from this continuing adventure.
  • I am getting back in a consistent workout routine. No more excuses. The weather is nice. The Plague is over. I have no excuses. I have a plan that I am going to practice this week for manageability, and I’ll keep you updated.


  • Continue tracking spending (categorizing twice a week).
  • We are instituting a weekly date night which will include a meal out. This meal will be my only meal out each week.
  • Complete balance transfer on the credit card. I have the new line of credit, I just need to make the call to initiate the transfer.

Career (this is probably going to sound boring):

  • Upgrade MailChimp to enable autoresponders.
  • Finalize free program and feed into MailChimp.
  • Offer free program to current email subscribers.
  • Offer free program to new email subscribers.
  • Open May program.

Vision Board:

  • One outfit a week specifically from Pinterest.
  • Minimize shoes based on “Would I Pin?” criteria.
  • Minimize jewelry based on “Would I Pin?” criteria.

So, how are you shaping your April?



  1. I have set just 5 goals for April. Each one fits into a category of my life that I want to improve on – home, fitness, food, family, and self-care. The goals are fairly simple but at this stage of the game, simple is what works!

  2. Hi Krissie!

    Lauren from Calgary (LE program) here…I’ve decided to follow your blog just for fun. :0) Love it, love it, love it!!

    I was looking in our storage room the other day for my jump rope for intervals (no success) and box after box that I opened contained stuff that we haven’t needed in five years. Writing stationery, CDs, coveralls, linens I received as shower presents that haven’t made it to our linen closet. Gahh…someone else could be using this stuff! I’m going to spend ONE MEASLY HOUR in April to pack stuff up for Goodwill. If I’m not done by the end of an hour, I’ll schedule another hour for May. :0)

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