shaking things up in my Erin Condren planner

I’ve shown you my Erin Condren planner before (preview here and how I use it here).

Lately, I’ve been working to find fit – and “fit” is a better word for me than “balance.” Because balance, to me, implies that I have to find some way to keep all of the plates spinning. But “fit” helps me decide what I have time for and what I just need to let go. Fit keeps me from over-scheduling and over-committing and helps prevent that “I should be able to do it all!” guilt. And I think I’ve found a way to use my planner to help keep that in check.

My planner used to look like this. Morning, day, and night. Do. do. do.


But I’ve decided to restructure my sections. I’m still getting the hang of it, but it is working better for me. I’ve spent the last few weeks playing with how I want to label my sections. And this week got pretty darn close. Me, coaching, and to-do with food diary on the bottom. But it still didn’t feel quite right. (Oh, and the KEENELAND! on Saturday was to actually run with my own legs, not watch horses do the running.)

37443ABB-6C7B-46CA-A80D-EB9C88BA0036My original thought was that by putting the ME spot first, I’d keep myself first. But I ended up just filling it up with stuff to do in the mornings. So I amended again and feel pretty good about what this week looks like. So much that I filled out two weeks, so here’s hoping.

I changed the first column to the “to do.” These are the things that I’ll feel accomplished when I get done. The things that I need to make sure I get done. And I have a little space to fill, but not too much.


For the second section, I made a space for coaching tasks. This is where I really add things as I go along, so it won’t look this organized at the end of the week. I put appointments on stickers, partly because they stand out and I’ll notice them. And also because they help determine fit.


The final section is being used as a daily summary. I’m not sure what to call the section yet, so it has a variety of names. Daily Report. I Rock. Day In Review. Awesome Report. This is where I’ll record my net calories (I have a separate food journal, so there’s really no need to keep that here) and my sweat of the day with notes. HHH is where I’ll record just a number tally of my happyHEALTHYholiday goals (today is the last day to sign up!). Across the bottom, I placed a sticker where I will write my word of the day. It may be from my core desired feelings or it may be an attitude that I want to present. The sticker will be my focus for the day. I’m leaving the notes section at the bottom blank for whatever inspiration hits me that day that I want to record. And I know that by looking for it, I’ll find something.

AB6D50D5-675C-482D-9B7A-4A1AB04E413A I am using washi tape and stickers as a way to guard my time and expectations. I am using stickers for appointments so I can keep track of where I am scheduling myself. It makes it more difficult to over-schedule myself when I literally cannot fit anything else in. I also used vertical washi tape on my days off so I can’t fit as much in the spaces and will schedule less.


Oh, and this is a look at December. The monthly spread is where I’ll keep a rough workout schedule and notes that don’t need daily reminders – paydates, newsletters, bills due, etc.
56BE2165-9477-4C3C-BA7F-A9FBAB8CC087 We’ll see how this system goes. I’m liking it so far. It has been fun to play with it. I’ll let you know.

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Disclaimer: Erin Condren did not sponsor this post or reimburse me in any way for my words. The only thing I receive from the Erin Condren empire is store credit as a result of friends and readers that order using my referral link. I am just totally enamored with my planner. And my washi tape from Michaels. And my PaperMate Flair pens. All opinions are my own.


We all have internal battles. Mine lately has been with words.

I have been trying to figure out the ins and outs of less selfless and more selfish.

And I really don’t like that they seem to be the same thing.

Because of time and energy, I have had to really take a hard look at everything I want to do, at everything I enjoy, at everything I want to be. And I’ve had to realize that I can’t be everything to everyone. I’ve learned to let things go, but that doesn’t prevent expectations from popping up. I totally recognize that the fault here is mine (not that I even think that blame needs to be placed, necessarily). I set people up to have expectations of me because of all I used to do. And when I stop? It is noticed. 

When I started giving up things that I used to do for free in order to do other things and get paid? I kinda felt like a tool sometimes, but I was able to justify. I need more time to build my business. I needed time away because I am growing and nurturing something. I am building my future.

Things have quietened down a little. I am in a place where things feel comfortable and manageable. And it shows. I am reading books for FUN (gasp!). I am taking naps here and there. I didn’t do a single thing Saturday that was “productive.” I have some room to add some of my old responsibilities back into my life. It took me a few weeks to see this, and during that time? I have started to enjoy having less stress and more time for ME. Now I just feel selfish.

So, yeah. Being less selfless feels more selfish. And I have issues with that word. Selfish. It is ugly. There is something with selfish that implies putting myself first is at the detriment of other people. And that’s not what is going on at all. I am still a supportive member in the lives of a lot of people. I’m just investing more into fewer people instead of a little in many people. And I have added myself to that list.

I came across a post by Seth Godin the other day on a completely unrelated topic. And this jumped out at me:

Helpfulness, not selfishness.

I think that is where I am. I want to be truly helpful. Truly invested. In my clients, in my friends, in myself. I don’t want to put everyone’s needs before mine. I want to be genuinely helpful and connected. And I do that best when I am taking care of myself too.

I don’t think I could be truly helpful if I were selfish or selfless. I just have to live out a healthy balance of the two.

And that’s what I’m going to do. As I go downstairs and pick out my next book to read for fun…

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catching my breath

I think it is so unnecessary when bloggers apologize for being absent.

But I feel the need to do explain. Because I want you to know what has been going on, not because I want to apologize.

I have spent most of my mental energy finishing up the Thankful in November series. It started a few days ago, but the signups are still open. (You’ll just get the new ones, but not what you miss.) I am blown away by the people in my life who stepped up to tell their stories. The vulnerability and bravery is just beyond what I even hoped for. I’ve also had a ton of fun researching resources and drawing up prompts.

I wanted to remind you that the series is going on. And