do you know the CARROT?

Friends. I have a very very entertaining app to tell you about.

I am kinda enamored with CARROT.

photo 1

I love a good to-do list. And I love some snark. Put the two together? And I’m smitten.

So the premise is this. You put your to do list into Carrot and then you swipe them off the screen as you get them done. Sounds easy enough, right?

Except you EARN THINGS for swiping tasks off your list. And you earn a cat that you have to feed every 24 hours. (I can’t wait until I unlock the level where I can change my cat’s name. So excited to call him Ferguson!)

photo 3

And the congratulatory messages are hilarious. My favorite:

photo 2

I’ve heard Carrot gets snarky if you ignore her or if you don’t get your tasks done in a respectable timeframe. I also heard tell that Carrot doesn’t like it when you poke her repeatedly, but I didn’t do that. (It really wasn’t me!) I haven’t come up against any Carrot dissatisfaction yet, but I don’t know what she’ll do when I don’t do any work this weekend so my app stays empty. I am starting to see more personality, though. Like taunts of carrot jokes.

photo 5

The app really builds on itself. There were things that I wanted to see in the beginning (where’s my completed list? Can I prioritize? Edit? Tell Siri to contact Carrot?) that I have unlocked as I’ve completed tasks. So that adds to the fun.

And by hitting publish on this post, I receive this lovely!


Woo hoo!

Do you have any productivity apps I need to know about?


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  1. I already looked for an android app like yours in Germany, after I’ve read about Captain Whiskers 🙂 Sadly there is none yet. I am working with one in German called “Astrid Aufgaben” (Astrid tasks) and she reminds me, when a to do is scheduled, like that “are you taking a holiday? Time for completing xy!” and if you checked off something, she congratulates you like that “Well done!” or “Good job!”. But unlocking extras would be a nice feature too.

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