I am a frequent visitor to the home of the little green mermaid.

There are probably half a dozen in my town, three within a mile of my house. Oh wait, 4 now that the one opened in Target.

My favorite, though, is one way across town over by work. Mostly because of the barista.

ImageAs he hands me my drink, he’ll say, “Have a good day, okay?”

And I just love it. It warms my heart. It gives me power. It reminds me that I make the choices. That I can decide to have a good day no matter what ends up on my plate. 

Just that little “okay” makes my day.

Be kind to yourself today, okay?

Allow yourself to release guilt about the things you didn’t get done, okay?

Get out there and work up a sweat at some point today, okay?

Have a good day, okay?


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what is really going on when I complain?

Most of the time when we complain a lot, we’re avoiding what we really need to feel. When we find ourselves griping about something outside of us, it’s a good sign that we haven’t addressed something inside. -Gabrielle Bernstein

Last week, I went to the mall after work. To shop for our anniversary. And I didn’t have the best experience from the get-go. I had to track someone down to let me in a dressing room, and then she acted like she didn’t want to help me. And then I rang the bell for help and no one came. And then when I went out to get another size and came back,  my door had been closed. When I found someone else to let me back into the dressing room, she wanted to ask me a million questions. What was my size? What was I looking for? And I was all like, “It looks like I’ve found things! This interrogation would have been helpful the multiple times you pretended you didn’t see me as I dug through all your drawers!”

Anyway, once I had my pretties, things turned around. I left the dressing room with my intended purchases feeling powerful and excited. But that didn’t last long.

There were 5 people in line in front of me. And four people quickly stepped up behind me. And there was one register open.

I could see three employees in the same section of the store stocking makeup and lotions. They could all see the line. No one made movement to open another register. I started to get frustrated. Then the lady at the one open register started spending a lot of time on her monitor, cueing me in that this was not a standard transaction. And I started to notice the crowd around me. College girls. One of the guys working the cosmetics (GUYS! As in MAN!) asked on his headset if he should open another register, but then made no movement to do so. So I’m standing there with guys stocking cosmetics and college girls. Tall, tan, thin girls with their itty bitty bathing suits.

And I saw what I had in my hand. And I thought about how my size compared to theirs. And I was done. Just done. I stepped out of line, returned my merchandise to the “do not want” rack at the dressing room (yes, I walked across the store to leave my discarded items in their proper place) and I fired off this tweet:

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 5.00.44 PM

And I thought it was over. But once I got in the car? I got mad. Mad at myself. Because I realized what happened.

I am, in standard situations, a very patient person. I don’t mind to wait for food (unless I’m on my lunch hour). I sometimes choose longer lines so others don’t have to wait. I am not an impatient person.

So what was this about? Embarrassment. Insecurity. It was all my stuff.

Luckily, there is another location by my house. I went in with a hopeful attitude. I had a very attentive – but not smothering – helper. And I left with things I liked more (who knew two stores in the same city would have such different merchandise?) and strutted back into my house.

Yes, my experience of the two stores were completely different. But I wonder how much of that was me? I brought so much impatience and frustration in the first situation and wonder if people could pick up on that from me. Was I being treated differently because of them or because of their reaction to what I was giving off? Would I have had a similar stand-offish experience in the second store if I had gone in with my head down and not initiating conversation?

If I hadn’t felt judgment toward myself, and feared it from others, would I have stepped out of line? How would I have responded differently if I were in line at the grocery store or the post office?

I know that I won’t fire off a complaining tweet again without first asking myself, “So, Krissie, what do you need to feel?”

And then I’ll probably tweet that. Because twitter is for self-discovery, right?

Check your complaints as they come up. Dig a little. Get uncomfortable. Figure out what you may need to feel.

Want to know more? Check out this little video by Gabrielle Bernstein. Just three minutes. Three minutes that lead to insight. Actually, about a minute and a half in, I stopped it because I felt so picked on and triggered. But I persevered. And that is a good thing.


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You know all those thoughts and ideas you have right before you fall asleep at night–those big dreams? And then you wake up you have a million reasons why none of it will ever work–it’s just too scary, you can’t do any of them, you’re just too busy, and anyway life is generally OK now? Those thoughts are your future happiness, and with beFULL, Krissie will help you work through them in the sunshine. She will help you look at why those ideas are scary, at why they are amazing, at how they could change your life if you’d let them. The prompts that she sends are just the beginning of the journey, the opening door. The one-on-one phone calls or texts are the first steps over the threshold. And when you smell the air out there, when you see your dreams with their beautiful winged possibilities flying all around you, you’ll find yourself taking your own steps out there into the world of making your best self.  ~ Lori in Pennsylvania

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Erin Condren planner review – the guts


Yesterday I introduced you to my little buddy – my Erin Condren planner.. Today I’ll show you how I use her.

The first thing I did was move my comfortable front spread from my previous planner. Inside cover is my version of a prayer I pulled from the Desire Map. It is where I start every day. Next is my list of Core Desired Feelings, which I think will get an overhaul in the next few days.


I love this spread. So much. And I’ll have it covered with all of my own more permanent flair before long.


Now lets look at a monthly spread. I have everything I need at a glance here. My running plan is on the little dots. I’ve got races and run locations and classes and pay dates. Love.


And now, weekly!


First things first: I have a pen legend. This will be second nature before long, but I’m still learning.


This is the first part of my week – nice and complete! Starting from the top of each day: Where I went for work/ mileage tracker in black. Planned workout in blue. To-do through the day.


And I use the bottom for a food journal.


In the middle is the handy-dandy bookmark. I use it as a menu planner. I have post-it’s of the meals I have in my fridge. This week was orange for lunch and purple for dinners. As we cook the meal, I pull them off and throw them away. It helps me prioritize what meals need to be cooked first if things might spoil.


And here is the rest of my week. And, sheesh, I have a lot to do this evening (it is still Thursday in my world). I am tagging appointments with these nifty arrows. They are Martha Stewart from Staples. I enjoy them.


I use my bookmark from last year’s planner in the back inside of the blank pages. This is where I keep track of my client check-ins and stay on top of invoicing. I have plenty of pages for the year.


There are more things in the notes section that I brought over from my last planner. I took all if the quotes I’d written there and did this:


And here is my repeating to-do list (always in progress):


And, finally, the back cover. I keep all kinda of goodies in the sleeves and pouch. Business cards, bills to pay, encouraging notes, tattoo designs, etc. I am using the notepad on the back as my notes-to-go area. This chicken-scratch was from a podcast I listened to on the road a few days ago. No more huge post-its all through the planner!


So there’s how I use my Erin Condren planner. I feel like I had last year’s to develop a system I liked, and now I just make it work.

She’s a beaut. Isn’t she?

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I’m hoping you will allow me the opportunity to change how you think about exercise. Or, as we’ll call it in this offering, movement.

We will spend 4 weeks, beginning Friday, July 11th, learning to approach movement with an attitude of play and curiosity.
We will use observation to figure out what types of movement feel most affirming and fulfilling.
We will create a toolbox of movement options that are flexible and exciting with less pressure and emotional charge.

But, Krissie, I don’t have time! Do you watch 15 minutes of tv three times a week? Then you have time. I’m serious.

How will we do this? Video lessons, journal prompts, Pinterest boards, facebook chats. 4 weeks.

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my love, my obsession, my Planner

I have an obsession. Well, several actually. But today, we’ll talk about this one.


Yes, friends. That is an Erin Condren box.

I know, I know. Her stuff isn’t cheap. But I’ll tell you what it is: quality. I love my 2012-13 planner dearly. So much of what is now my daily reality was only a dream under that grey maze cover. I carry my planner everywhere I go. It has to stand up to various bags, purses, getting thrown in my backseat, all of the general abuse. And after a year, Ol’ Grey looks as good as new.


My love for planners and markers is not a new phenomenon. When I was in grad school, I called my planner The Great Exploding Circus. Each class had a different color pen. I’d sit down with each syllabus and break down all of the assignments so I knew exactly what I needed to do each day in order to beat the end-of-semester crunch. It was an incredibly efficient, effective, and cozy piece of beauty. I still get a little nostalgic when I walk by the display at Joseph Beth. (And my old planner just wouldn’t work with my after-hours working lifestyle. I looked.)

Now that my life is again a big hot mess that needs big hot organization (and has been for a little over a year), I have no issue making the investment in a system that makes me happy. And that is what I get from my EC planner: happiness.

(Would it be gratuitous to put a selfie I me hugging my planner here? Yes? Okay then. Moving on.)

I was super duper excited to open my package of Erin Condren goodness.


Even though I didn’t especially like last year’s pens, I ordered this year’s. I do really really like them for general use (nice and thin tips), but I don’t think they are bright enough for the planner itself.


I ordered the notepads to go in the back. This may have been the smartest planner move I’ve made. I love having a home for temporary information.


I also had some stickers made especially for me! In addition to my race stickers, I wanted to out some self-fulfilling stickers in there. Speaking engagements. Retreats. If there are stickers, I have to make it happen, right? (Don’t worry – the stickers you can’t see on the right aren’t interesting – just “budget” and “taxes.”)


I did not buy the bands to keep the planner closed. I didn’t want to get bands that didn’t coordinate, and I also didn’t know if I would really use them. I didn’t get the pen holder either because, seriously, the thought that I could function with only one pen at a time is just ludicrous.

I cannot tell you how happy this cover is. I debated on which cover to get, but this one just seemed to have so many colors in common with my business cards. And I am in love.


Tomorrow, I’ll take you on a tour of what is going on inside this lovely cover!

radical commitment – career

I was reading back through these posts and realized that I really haven’t told you a lot about what exactly I’m doing with my coaching business.

Sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in the busy-ness. In the early mornings and the busy weekends. I love it so much that I can forget that it is work. I can forget how far I’ve come. The fact that I love it so much? This is what solidifies for me that this coaching thing is totally my sweet spot.

This is where I belong. This is my soul’s work. And I’m gonna tell you all about it.

square logoI am offering a lot of different things right now. I’m trying to figure out what works. What feels good for me and my clients. What I want to build and what I want to let go.

One of the items I offer is the stand-alone Contentment-Building Discovery Session. This is a 30-45 minute call (phone or skype) where we talk about areas in your life that give you a discontented feeling. We process these lacking feelings, build your contentment and awesomeness, and set a few action items. These calls are offered as I have time for them in my schedule, and I offer them as a free session (a $75 value). How do you know if I am accepting discovery sessions? If that link is active. If it is dark, my schedule is full. If I’m scheduling session, it is live. Easy as that.

Always on the table are my coaching sessions and accountability services. I love this part of my job. We set goals and then follow-up as often as you want. I can harass you by text messages. And I will. And I seem to pop up when you least want to see me.

My favorite piece right now, though, is my monthly offering. I don’t do a special program every month, but I do quite often. This month (and next month because I love it so much), I’m running beFULL.


beFULL is different than anything I’ve done before. beFULL isn’t an accountability challenge. We work together to recognize and build strengths, identify and challenge fears, conquer your nagging thoughts, and start to reframe and rewrite your story. I send daily mini-journal prompts that we discuss in coaching sessions, text messages, and as a group on the facebook page.

This program is my favorite monthly offering so far. I cannot tell you the joy I feel watching my friends bloom. And we still have another week!

I am running beFULL again in August because I love it so much. And because I believe you will too. It will be the only time it is offered until the spring (because, boy, do I have plans for the fall!). I asked current participants for a few words about the program and was so humbled by the words that came in. I don’t just say this because this program is mine, friends, but I think this is good stuff. And I think my passion for helping others find their best selves shows.

The beFULL daily sessions have slowly changed my life.  They are thought-provoking and have really helped me discover my true daily needs.  For me, it is to live a peaceful life. A life with out pressure and stress, one with warmth and self-care.  After several weeks, I’m now subconsciously making decisions that bring me peacefulness. Whether its a evening walk on the beach or an hour of journaling;  it’s really helped me focus on having a positive state of mind. ~Lynn from Canada

Click over to the beFULL page to read more about the program and see what other participants are saying so far. 

So I apologize if this is coming off as a plug. Maybe it is. But all I know is that I am passionate about what I’m doing. And I want to be passionate about this blog space again. And I want you guys to have the full picture of what I’m doing. So here I am – trying to bring it all together.

If you want more information on what I’m doing, you can visit my coaching website. I also send out a monthly newsletter (to go out tomorrow!) that you can sign up for here.


Confession time:

I’m not really sure what to do with this space.

I mean, I have a lot of things floating around in my head. I am excited and overwhelmed. I am exhausted and unbelievably content. My house is a mess, my body is a wreck, but my soul is happy. So very very happy.

And I’m really struggling with what to write here. As I progress in my coaching business, my traffic and clients are driven by the internet. I know that. And I’m struggling to figure out what to share here. What to have connected to my name. What to present to the world as my thoughts.

I’m not sure how to balance this. I want to be honest, but I don’t want my honesty to drive away you guys that will hopefully be my livelihood. I want to be authentic, but I don’t ever want my audience and clients to feel like a burden. I want to share the exciting things I’m doing without this space feeling like an advertisement for my coaching business. I want to be me. I so very very very want to be me, but do I want my potential investors to see me as flawed and sometimes whiney?

I don’t know how to balance this. I have no idea.

But I am going to start writing again. I have missed it. I don’t know where I will find the time. I was just able to sit down and do it this morning because my watermelon from the grocery store didn’t make it to my house. So my 6am-watermelon-cutting time just became a chance to blog.

As I was saying, I don’t know when I will write. I don’t know what I will write. But I will make writing a more scheduled thing. I need it in the worst way. Even if the posts aren’t ever published, the writing will happen.

Happy TENfinity

If you know me at all, you know that I’m crazy about this guy.


Do you believe that was ten years ago? TEN. We had a mighty good time celebrating Friday night.

We drove to Louisville (about an hour away) to spend the night and eat at 21C. And it did not disappoint.





And dinner in the attached restaurant, Proof, was just fantastic. It helped that we only had to go upstairs. I had TWO drinks! And I can highly recommend the Brown Derby – bourbon, honey, and grapefruit juice.





Every day, I think I couldn’t love him more. And every day he proves me wrong.

You are the one that I wanted to find, Nathan Bentley. To TENfinity and beyond!