please pardon me if this sounds pompous…

Just like always, I’m learning things about myself from #SuperSummer. Already. Today is day 5.

Mainly? I’m learning that I am awesome. I am doing a lot of good things. And I’m doing them frequently.

The first two days of the challenge were difficult because I was in Kansas and traveling. But since then, I’ve been on fire.

I don't update until the morning after, but my body column is gonna ROCK after today!

I don’t update until the morning after, but my body column is gonna ROCK after today!

Maybe I’m overweight. And maybe I go to Starbucks more often than I should. Maybe I’m a little too safe professionally. And maybe I just ordered another bag. (I seriously have a problem with bags.)

But I designed my #SuperSummer goals around things that I want to do more often. Things that the Future Me does on the regular. Things that enrich me. Things that make me feel good. My goals aren’t things that I think I “should” do. Or things that society is pressuring me to do to or be. Or things that I feel obligated to do. Nope. My goals are things things that make me feel good – spiritually, emotionally, physically.

Counting calories? Yup. I’m doing that. I want to lose weight. I’m not going to deny that. But it feels different this time. In September, I was at a weight that felt amazing. I want to lose weight because I want to get back there. Because I loved the way clothes fit. And I felt like a gazelle when I ran. I want to get back there because of how I felt.

Budgeting? Yup. I’m doing that. Not because I have to. Not because we are in a dangerous money zone. But because I know I could be better, more diligent, less concerned, more secure. I also want to make the jump into self-employment down the road, so paying off debt quicker would be downright amazing.

Reading. Podcasts. Career chances. Prayer. Unplugging. Ukulele.

Sleep. Veggies. Running. Yoga. Pedicures. Straight hair.

Not because my internal voice tells me I should. Not because I feel any external pressure.

But because I deserve to feel good. And doing these things feels good. And that is a pretty fantastic motivator.

I’m really curious to see how the momentum ebbs and flows, but I feel really solid today.

Do your goals fulfill or drain you? Are you motivated by them or discouraged by them? Feel free to reach out to me (and the community!) in the comments!



  1. I don’t think this sounds pompous at all! I think it sounds fabulous 🙂
    Personally, my goals fulfill me hardcore! I haven’t sat down and made #supersummer goals yet (because I only just read about the challenge today), but when I’m meeting the goals I regularly set for myself, I feel amazing. And when I slack, I feel awful. I think the sentence where you said “…but I feel really solid today” hits the nail right on the head. I feel solid when I’m meeting my goals. I feel whole. I feel productive. I feel successful. I feel content. Thanks for asking…just writing my response to your end-of-post questions is making me feel really motivated to get my #supersummer goals written out.

  2. Cute bag! I have a problem with bags myself. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m tied to a diaper bag for the next couple years (a cute diaper bag mind you). I feel the same way when I meet goals which is why this challenge is so great! Sounds like you’re doing awesome! Keep t up!

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