Super Summer – my reward

So I have a confession.

I totally bought my reward before I earned it. I was in Lululemon last week making a return. I do some same-day travel for work and was excited to go to a different Lulu store. I made my return easy peasy  and I ended up looking at gym bags since a bag and yoga mat is my half-way goal for Super Summer. I didn’t have any plans on buying, but I was really drawn to one particular bag. I didn’t see it on-line and the black counterpart was very…masculine. Actually, all of the bags I’ve looked at on-line either weren’t for me or were sorta manly. And that sorta bummed me out.

Anyway, so I found myself in Lulu and I found this bag, but in not-black. So I had to have it. I bought it without thinking, shoved it in the back of my car, and then vowed not to use it until I earned it.

This week was a challenge. I had a migraine. I haven’t been motivated to exercise. It has been either really hot or really stormy all week. I have wanted all of the chocolate. But, despite that, I made some big strides this week. When I tallied up my Super Summer goals last night, I realized how ridiculously close to half-way I was.


I was a measly 15 points from a 5000 point total. 15! I wanted to knock it out last night, but I decided that I wasn’t going to do something just for the sake of points.

So this morning, I did my usual routine. I got up early to work and write (ahem, you’re reading the result), and now I have hit the 5,000 total!


(Yes, I am tallying the two together. Yes, I may be a little weaker in the body category, but when mind is full, I will stop counting points there.)

And now, I am the proud – and legitimate – owner of this little beauty.


With orange accents, no less. Orange is my 2013 power color.

I worked hard for this bag. I’ve done some things outside of my comfort zone. Bangs. Ballet workout video. Registered for a woo-woo internet course. I haven’t done everything I set out to do, but that in no way negates the awesome things that I have done.

Now I just need to get myself in gear so I’ll have somewhere to carry this bag!

How is your Super Summer challenge going? Struggling? What can you do to get your motivation back in gear? Buy, but not use, your reward? Book the massage? 


I also want to remind you about my beFULL offering. Registration will close on Saturday. This is an opportunity to join a group of like-minded women to explore the impact of releasing perfection, acknowledging today’s successes, and embracing self-appreciation. Details can be found on my coaching website.

calling a pitch a pitch – beFULL

As I subscribe to more and more coaching and business blogs, I’ve gotten really suckered by the hidden pitch. The “I’m gonna tell you a great story and hint that I learned something awesome from it and then tell you to join/buy!” And that doesn’t sit right with me. I try not to hide things from you all. I try to add my sales blurb at the bottom while not leaving anything out of the post itself.

So that’s why I’m being totally honest with you guys right now. This post? This post is a pitch. I’m writing this to tell you what I have up my sleeve. I want to get you interested and invested, but I have the honest intention to not leave you feeling empty if you don’t come along.

I was doing a discovery session the other night and she asked me about beFULL. And I started talking. And I kept talking. Because I am very very excited about this offering.


BeFULL is different than any monthly “challenge” I have offered before. Mostly because it is not a challenge. It is an exploration of what you already are and a plan to develop an appreciation for it.

I got this idea a few months ago. I was really really struggling because I have put some of my weight back on. And I was reminded of this every morning when I got dressed. So I begrudgingly went out and bought a few comfortable (and bigger) items on consignment. A pair of skinny jeans. A short black skirt. A cashmere sweater. I started my daily gratitude journal again. I started keeping a list of my accomplishments along side my growing to-do list. And gradually, things changed. Not huge changes, but changes nonetheless. I’m not taking extra trips through Starbucks because I “need” it. I’m not skipping workouts because I know I won’t perform the way I did a year ago. I’m not making decisions from a place of fear.

I’m far from perfect, but I’m getting closer to being where I want to be because I am acknowledging, accepting, and loving where I am.

And that is what I want to give you with beFULL.

I’ve had the goal statements for this offering on a post-it in my planner for weeks, letting it guide my development.


So how will we work on building contentment?

You’ll get a lot of Krissie. I’m excited to offer two different investment levels. You’ll receive a combination of coaching sessions, weekly journal prompts, daily mini-journal prompts, and group support. For an additional fee, you’ll receive an additional coaching session and text messaging with me 3 or 4 times a week surrounding the mini-prompts or any issue you want support through. (I am also trying to solidify a virtual group meet-up to build community and get to know each other, but that’s still in the works and may not pan out for this round.)

Click here to register or for more information. The program starts July 1, and I will close it on Saturday, July 29th to get everything set up.

And, as always, feel free to email me at with any questions.

Have a great day, my friends!

all or nothing

I’ve seen the clammer. So many of us have the tendency to start out quick and then burn out, don’t we? Yup. I’m one of those too.

I was really gung-ho the first few days of Super Summer. The first two weeks actually. Really gung-ho. But then? I got into a rut. Yes, I’m 19 days in and I’d call this a rut.

Put on makeup – 10 points.

Car interior completely clear – 10 points.

Pack breakfast – 10 points.

In bed by 10pm – 25 points.

Tune ukulele – 10 points.

Day after day after day. A lot of my goals are happening like clockwork. And, even though I’m totally excited that a lot of things are becoming habit, I’m really not taking any chances.

And that’s not why I did this. I did this to make a difference. Not just a “drop a pebble in a lake” difference, but to do a freaking cannonball into the lake.

I need to shake things up.

Last week, I wrote about making adjustments to our goals at Cassie’s blog. I talked about grouping goals together into a routine and a few “challenges” within the challenge.

Today I tried something different: All or Nothing.

See, I’m not really working out. Like, really. I’m just barely doing anything. So I decided to make my yoga practice today non-negotiable.

If I didn’t do yoga, then NONE of my points counted. Not my breakfast at home or my cleared to-do list or my working from a coffee shop. If I didn’t do my yoga, I got nothing. Zero. A big fat empty.

And you know what? I did yoga. I didn’t go to the class I had intended, but I spent 20 minutes on my back deck, in the sunshine, spending some serious time in triangle and pigeon.

It was pretty stinking awesome. I felt recharged and refocused. And I wouldn’t have done it for the 25 points it earned. But in exchange for the other 140 body points and 185 mind points? You better believe I was going to do it!

So here is my non-negotiable plan for the next few days:

Thursday – 3 mile run

Friday – Kettlebell workout

Saturday – 5 mile run

Sunday – food journal complete AND yoga (ooh! double non-negotiable!)

(Yup. I’m really struggling in the body category.)

Do you have a non-negotiable for today? What is the one thing that is most important to you? What is the one thing that you really don’t want to do? Can you make it a non-negotiable in your day?



And have you looked into my July coaching offering? It is totally different than anything I’ve offered before. I’m really excited about beFULL. I think you may be too. 🙂

unfurled and honest

I don’t even try to deny my girl crush on Danielle LaPorte anymore. This girl just has a way of ripping back all of my layers to get me to a point where I feel strangely both completely vulnerable but absolutely competent of finding my way home. She just gets me.

Of all of the Danielle-isms I have written down and framed around my house, there’s one sentence that I find myself repeating several times a day.

Help me to show up and shine – unfurled and honest.

Unfurled and honest.

As I picked up a piece of chalk to write that sentence in a chalkboard-walled washroom in Kansas, the gravity of that charge hit me. I realized, with my hand covered in pink chalk, that the root of my desire to be self-employed isn’t discontentment but instead to fulfill my heart. My want to live in a body that I am proud of isn’t so others will take me seriously, but instead because I see a different body shape when I close my eyes. My desire to build my client base isn’t to make more money, it is sincerely to get my message out.

I want to be unfurled. I want to be honest. I want to SHINE. I want to be me.

I want to be fearless. I listen to my little voice and believe it.  I believe that things can and will be awesome. I try to live my life – and my dreams – the best way I can each day and believe that my dreams will rise to meet me.

I want to be content. I give what I have to give, and I trust that the outcome will be what I need. Letting go of perfection is incredibly hard for me. I want my training plan to have only check marks and smiley faces. I want my to-do list to be done at the end of the day. I want my house to be clean and my budget to be balanced and my nails unchipped. But right now? None of those things are done. And I’m just fine. (Here is another view of contentment from my most recent yoga practice.)

I want to be big. I’ve asked Nathan to tell me if he catches me playing small. Somehow “big” seems less scary than “brave,” but I think they are the same thing. I want to dream of big things without being attached to their outcome. I want to take chances professionally. I want to keep putting my message out there – through coaching and the running group, on facebook and twitter and newsletters – and just be big. Be me. I won’t be embarrassed about being excited. I won’t be afraid of being too hokey or too woo-woo or being unfollowed. I will just be big-mouthed, big-personalitied, opinionated me. And trust that I am transparent enough that my intentions will shine.

I want to be unapologetic. I am setting boundaries that are sometimes hard to hold. I am on a super-tight ‘pre-self employment no-spend experiment’ budget, which will mean saying no to outings with friends. I give advice in the way that I give advice. I am not going to shape my messages for a certain audience. I am going to put my message out there and trust that the right audience will come.

I want to play. I am learning that I need to make time for intentional play. But the biggest hurdle in this is identifying the difference between play and avoidance or laziness. So I’m trying to get intentional about how I play. Sitting down with the remote control and flipping channels for an hour? No. Hanging out for a solid hour with Monty and Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta? Oh yes. Putting aside my evening to-dos to flip through catalogs and pout about what I can’t buy? Nope. Putting aside my list to learn “White Christmas” on the ukulele? Oh yes! (Sorry if you were expecting and email from me last night – you’ll get it on my lunch break today.)

So what does unfurled and honest mean to you? What opportunities do you have in your day today, or even in the next hour, to show up? To shine? To unfurl?


So this is  my latest coaching offering, beFULL. It isn’t the usual challenge where you pick goals and I harass you to move toward them. This offering is a self-exploration program through mini-journal prompts and coaching sessions. This offering  will help replace guilt and disappointment with contentment and self-appreciation. There is a special price through 10pm tonight and I would love to have you along. Click over for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note at

enjoy Nebraska

I love when my clients teach me things. Love.

We were chatting a few nights ago and started talking about how easy it is to get so excited about where we are going that we don’t take the time to stop and enjoy the moment. It is so easy to not notice the amazing things that are currently happening because we are so excited about the amazing things that will happen next.

I see that a lot in where I am professionally right now. I want to be a coach as a career, not just a side business. I want to take my message to the masses, not just because I want the money but because I think people can actually benefit from my attention. I want to make a zillion phone calls a day and write for a million different blogs and get my message out of my head and into your hands.

But I’m not there yet. I’m no where close. Although I think I have my message figured out, I am still struggling on how to package it, how to make it more palatable, how to make people want to invest in it.

It reminded me of something that Jon Acuff wrote about in Quitter. He talked about how frustrating it was to travel to Nebraska to do speaking engagements. He’d have small crowds. No one would know him. It wouldn’t be a productive trip. But what he gathered from the experience was to enjoy Nebraska. To thrive in the moment that you were able to take to figure it out and to play. To enjoy the time before things get too serious. To look around and pay attention and to enjoy the moment where my audience is small enough that I can screw up without ruining my business.

And I’m trying. I really am. I am loving every stinking minute of what I do, but I’m finding myself frustrated in the lack of time I have to do it all. I’m struggling to find the mix between what I need  to do and what I want to do with my time. I am trying to slow down and enjoy it. To see today for what it is worth. And to also believe that there will be a time when what feels so small now will truly lead to something big.

So I’m taking the time to make sure that my heart is plugged in to each of my client calls. I’m plugging my heart into my own training schedule. I’m making sure that I am building my offerings in a way that is most beneficial to my clients and not what is convenient for me. I am washing my car and painting my fingernails and checking lots of things off of my super summer goals list.

I’m trying to pay attention and enjoy today. And still be a smidge dissatisfied with it so that I continue to push and grow. But just a smidge.

Today, my little-Nebraska-sized corner of the internet. Tomorrow the world, right?

What do you need to slow down and enjoy?

please pardon me if this sounds pompous…

Just like always, I’m learning things about myself from #SuperSummer. Already. Today is day 5.

Mainly? I’m learning that I am awesome. I am doing a lot of good things. And I’m doing them frequently.

The first two days of the challenge were difficult because I was in Kansas and traveling. But since then, I’ve been on fire.

I don't update until the morning after, but my body column is gonna ROCK after today!

I don’t update until the morning after, but my body column is gonna ROCK after today!

Maybe I’m overweight. And maybe I go to Starbucks more often than I should. Maybe I’m a little too safe professionally. And maybe I just ordered another bag. (I seriously have a problem with bags.)

But I designed my #SuperSummer goals around things that I want to do more often. Things that the Future Me does on the regular. Things that enrich me. Things that make me feel good. My goals aren’t things that I think I “should” do. Or things that society is pressuring me to do to or be. Or things that I feel obligated to do. Nope. My goals are things things that make me feel good – spiritually, emotionally, physically.

Counting calories? Yup. I’m doing that. I want to lose weight. I’m not going to deny that. But it feels different this time. In September, I was at a weight that felt amazing. I want to lose weight because I want to get back there. Because I loved the way clothes fit. And I felt like a gazelle when I ran. I want to get back there because of how I felt.

Budgeting? Yup. I’m doing that. Not because I have to. Not because we are in a dangerous money zone. But because I know I could be better, more diligent, less concerned, more secure. I also want to make the jump into self-employment down the road, so paying off debt quicker would be downright amazing.

Reading. Podcasts. Career chances. Prayer. Unplugging. Ukulele.

Sleep. Veggies. Running. Yoga. Pedicures. Straight hair.

Not because my internal voice tells me I should. Not because I feel any external pressure.

But because I deserve to feel good. And doing these things feels good. And that is a pretty fantastic motivator.

I’m really curious to see how the momentum ebbs and flows, but I feel really solid today.

Do your goals fulfill or drain you? Are you motivated by them or discouraged by them? Feel free to reach out to me (and the community!) in the comments!