Wow. I haven’t been here in a while.

I have so much going on, friends. So much. I can’t even begin to catch you up, so I’m just going to pick things up where I am right now.

I decided to take April “off” as far as being a coach in any fashion. In order to finish up my life coaching class successfully and focus on what kind of practice I want to build, I thought I needed to take things off my plate. I decided not to do the 5K training groups I had planned on starting. I decided not to do any sort of challenge. I decided not to advertise that I was looking for new clients. I decided to step back from planning the running group. I decided to stop outlining posts for this blog that I just didn’t have time to write. I decided to stop working toward a PR at the half I’m running next month.

My calendar looks great. I’m only working with three clients on a daily basis, and another monthly. That’s it. I’m laying an incredible foundation for my coaching practice. I’m super prepared for class and I’m getting tons of academic reading done. I’m working on a marketing strategy. I’m rebuilding my website. I have the time to commit to building my practice quicker and with the soul I want it to carry. I’m making really significant strides toward becoming a life coach. I’ve given myself the time to do this.

But taking things off my plate? It hasn’t led to any relief. If anything, I’ve grown more anxious. More disregulated. More exhausted. With less on my plate. It didn’t make any sense. (Nathan can attest to this – the poor guy.)

But I realized something this morning.

All these things I’ve cut out? All of these things I’ve stopped planning because I wanted to be all business-minded?

These are the things that gave me energy. These are the things that inspire me. These are the things that motivate me to keep working, to keep going, to keep growing.

So I’m not sure where I’m going from here. I’m not sure what I will be reintroducing and in what timeframe. What I do know is that I need to be fed. By people. By actual coaching work instead of the business piece only. My heart just isn’t in it when I’m not with people.

Also? I’m not in it when I’m not making the time to write about it.

My hope is that I will start writing here again. For me. Because I think through things right here in this space. This space gives me energy, gives me focus, gives me balance.

Just funny how what I thought was draining me was actually feeding me. Have you ever experienced something similar?



  1. I have most definitely experienced something similar. I think it’s getting the pendulum swinging the right balance. If I’ve got so much going on in one direction that the force in which the pendulum swings back the other means it swings even higher (and stays there longs) that is not a healthy rhythm. Eventually there is no back and forth, but the pendulum swings completely around–that’s call head spinning.
    I’m finding those regular rhythms of rest and work (a la, Sabbath) help me KEEP my head in the right place and provide that balance of the time I need to be with myself in planning, preparation and soul-seeking (and writing!) that when I’m WITH those I am serving, they are getting the best version of me, rather than the worn out, running on fumes, cranky Faith.

  2. When I was in graduate school, I was taking three courses and teaching two, plus working 20 hours a week at Barnes and Noble, plus doing the reading for my Ph.D. exams. I was going completely nuts. I told myself, something has to give: I’ll stop reading for pleasure. Soon I started experiencing severe anxiety and crying for no reason. I had to put the pleasure reading back in and take something else out! (I cut back on my work hours.) The balance is different for everyone; sometimes only experimentation can tell you what it is.

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