two announcements


I have been graciously nominated for the Most Encouraging Kentuckian award. And my profile was written by a friend who truly gets me. I love that he took such a tangential conversation and turned it into something that I am proud to be. Voting for the award is open through midnight tonight (Tuesday) if any of you are interested – and you don’t have to vote for me. Check everyone out. We are good people.

Moving on to second:

Yeah. So I know that the holidays aren’t the best time to make drastic changes.

And I know that I have a lot of temptations in my near future.

But, here’s the thing. When will that not be true? When will I ever have a perfect situation for restricting my eating?

Never. There will always be weekends away, holidays, friends coming to visit. There will always be something.

As much as I rocked the All About the Numbers challenge, it wasn’t good for my weight. For my big picture? Yes. But not for my weight. I’m using the momentum I have from that challenge and pulling myself up by my bootstraps.

I haven’t ever been at peace with my weight. Ever. And I want to change that. I want to finally either lose the rest of the weight I’m holding on to or make peace with it. And I’m not at the place to make peace with it yet.

I’m unhappy with my weight, with my reflection, with my clothes. And I have two choices: accept it or change it. And I’m not ready to accept it.

So I have a menu and a grocery list. I’m back on Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules (or Team Bob as I prefer to call it).

I’m done with this rollercoaster. I’ve learned how to maintain. I just want this weight gone. I’m done.

Several of us have been tossing this around, but I am making the commitment. Anyone with me?



  1. Well done! You are encouraging.

    I’m sort of with you. I’m not gonna commit to Team Bob but I am working on eating mindfully, it’s not that it’s not a good time, it’s that I need to concentrate on other things at the moment.

  2. I’m with you. I’m targeting December 1 as my Go Team Bob date. That means I need to unearth my book from one of the many unpacked moving boxes, make a menu, and trek to the grocery. Somewhere in there, I need to work on convincing my husband to join in.

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