two announcements


I have been graciously nominated for the Most Encouraging Kentuckian award. And my profile was written by a friend who truly gets me. I love that he took such a tangential conversation and turned it into something that I am proud to be. Voting for the award is open through midnight tonight (Tuesday) if any of you are interested – and you don’t have to vote for me. Check everyone out. We are good people.

Moving on to second:

Yeah. So I know that the holidays aren’t the best time to make drastic changes.

And I know that I have a lot of temptations in my near future.

But, here’s the thing. When will that not be true? When will I ever have a perfect situation for restricting my eating?

Never. There will always be weekends away, holidays, friends coming to visit. There will always be something.

As much as I rocked the All About the Numbers challenge, it wasn’t good for my weight. For my big picture? Yes. But not for my weight. I’m using the momentum I have from that challenge and pulling myself up by my bootstraps.

I haven’t ever been at peace with my weight. Ever. And I want to change that. I want to finally either lose the rest of the weight I’m holding on to or make peace with it. And I’m not at the place to make peace with it yet.

I’m unhappy with my weight, with my reflection, with my clothes. And I have two choices: accept it or change it. And I’m not ready to accept it.

So I have a menu and a grocery list. I’m back on Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules (or Team Bob as I prefer to call it).

I’m done with this rollercoaster. I’ve learned how to maintain. I just want this weight gone. I’m done.

Several of us have been tossing this around, but I am making the commitment. Anyone with me?

#allaboutthenumberschallenge results

Today I finished something that I didn’t realistically think I could do.


When I signed up for Cassie’s All About the Numbers challenge, I honestly expected it to be like all the other challenges I start. I expected to be all gung-ho in the beginning and then to just fizzle out. I knew I would have some obstacles. I had so little faith in my ability to complete the pretty printable that I didn’t even pick a reward right away. I didn’t want to be disappointed.


As the challenge went on, I had every excuse not to get this done. Tendonitis seriously derailed me for 2 weeks. I turned 35. I dealt with not being able to run a marathon. I was on vacation for 10 days. I started a business. I was super incredibly busy. Throughout this 50 days, I was all over the map. Physically. Emotionally. Stress levels. All over the map.

And, somehow, I stayed focused on this pretty little sheet and the markers.


I didn’t get on the scale this morning. I got out of bed half an hour early and did yoga. And at my morning break, I did 12 minutes of stairs. I came back to my desk and filled up the first column on the left. And it was finished.


There are a lot of things in my life that I am proud of at this moment. But, for some strange reason, I’m getting a lot of warm and fuzzies from this little chart. It inspired me. I left it out on my desk throughout the day to keep me focused. I filled it out in the evenings, last thing before bed. Focusing on this chart helped me build habits that I need. This challenge made me pay attention to meatless meals and veggie servings and drinking water. And I’m proud to say that I checked all of those columns off over a week ago and am still continuing to make those behaviors a priority.

I’m also super duper excited about my new desk and chair (from IKEA!) that I will be getting as a reward. I look forward to painting my home office and hanging this chart in a place of importance, right beside my diplomas, licenses, coaching certificate, and first business card. This chart will have a place of honor – water spots and all.

I am that stinking proud.

(And I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get this done before my happyHEALTHYholidays challenge closed! But if you really want in and can discuss specifics with me TONIGHT, we can make arrangements. But I will not be working at all tomorrow. Email me at if you are interested!)

#happyHEALTHYholidays challenge

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m offering a healthy holidays challenge through Committed Coaching. I’m not just going to sit back and watch others, though. I’m playing along.

I want these goals to be something that I really can do every day. And I’m still tossing around exactly what I want my goals to be. So I thought I’d share this process.


I want to do 20 minutes of yoga every day. I got into the yoga habit on vacation and I love it. I love how I feel strong and tall after yoga. It focuses me on my body. I just love it. So I’m trying to create that habit. I am obsessed with yogadownload right now. And the 20 minute classes are free.


I will keep a food journal every day. I know the holidays are a special time, so I don’t want to set any sort of rigorous eating rules. I just want to pay attention. And keeping a food journal will keep me aware of what I’m eating. And awareness will help me make better decisions about what to indulge in. So I’m recording every bite, every day.


I haven’t hammered this one down just yet. I’m thinking about making a point to wash my face every night. Or floss daily. Or maybe using moisturizer. I am still working on this one.


Yeah, I haven’t narrowed this one down yet either. But I’m getting there. Maybe making the bed every morning. Or going to bed with a clean kitchen. One of the two, I think. Unless someone else in the challenge comes up with something that resonates with me. I’m open.

If you want to join in the challenge, registration is open through Tuesday. I’m excited about it. Really excited.

Oh, and I think I’m going to earn the reward for the #allaboutthenumbers challenge! I can’t wait to update you guys when it is finished!

what I’ve been up to

Geez. I have been absent from here, haven’t I? It isn’t for lack of focus, my friends. I have just been very, very busy. Here’s a snapshot of my life right now.

First, I got these in the mail today. I couldn’t be any happier. This makes me feel super duper legit. A huge thanks to Cassie for creating something so beautiful for me.

I spent the last week on vacation. I was there to cheer as my sweetheart came across the finish line at a marathon. I ran 2 completely pain-free 7-mile runs. I did lots of yoga on the deck of a beach house. I worked a lot, but I also spent some serious quality time with some crayons and a Christmas coloring book. I totally fell in love with the Niece all over again. Seriously, this kid has my heart. (And this was the only day we weren’t in sweatshirts – we got lucky the first day.)

So talk about “busy” and “work” on vacation? Yup. I worked really hard on this:

I’m running a challenge over on my coaching website to help us stay focused on ourselves and our health over the holidays. I am so excited to see what comes out of this challenge. It isn’t free, but the winner of the challenge will win the registration fee back, and it will double if 3 more people register. I’m excited to have done this over my vacation – and that Cassie designed the printable as well! Registration is open through Tuesday, so check it out!

I’m not that excited to go back to work, but I am very excited about where things are going for me in general right now. Very excited.

Thank you for coming along with me!

#allaboutthenumberschallenge update!

So the All About the Numbers Challenge. I’m mostly happy. Here’s where I am:


Fitness minutes: 1000/2000 – BEHIND! I should be at 1440

Miles: 73/100 – on target

Plank: 36/50 – on target

Fruits and Veggies: 194/200 – ahead

Meatless Meals: 67/75 – way ahead

Water: 457/500 – way way ahead

Food Journal: 16/25 – just barely behind (2 days)

RAOK: 16/25 – on target

Scale free: 36/50 – on target

So here’s my plan (in an outline style that makes me miss writing college papers):

1) Keep on keeping on. I’m on target almost everywhere. I’m gonna finish strong.
2) I will continue to rock the veggies, water, and meatless meals after I’ve completed the column. I’ll keep track on the back.
3) I’ve got to get my fitness minutes back on target. The funny thing is this is the goal I thought I’d have no problem with, but my tendonitis really put a kink in things. AND I’m going to be in the car for 8 hours tomorrow. But I have a plan to catch up while I’m on vacation:
a. 2-3 mile run in the mornings (longer on Sunday).
b. 20 minute yogadownload every morning.
c. 2-3 mile walk with my mom every evening.
I should be able to build a cushion for Thanksgiving week if I keep that up!

I’m also very focused because I’ve picked a reward.

Now that my business is starting to go places, I need a real office. We never use our den downstairs, so this is a great time to make it happen. We’ll paint first thing (not part of the reward – it is just necessary), but then I will get this.


Sigh. I will also get a chair, but it is hard to pick out a chair. I’d need to sit in them first.

So I’m super motivated. I’m gonna knock this out. I’m so excited that I stuck with this!

Are you still following the challenge? How is it going?

(And, remember, I’m leading a happyHEALTHYholidays challenge over on my coaching website. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!)