I have been feeling overwhelmed.

Stomach virus.

Scary coaching exam.

Work drama.

Fear about not moving fast enough.

Fear about moving too fast.


Almost to the point of being immobile. I was over analyzing everything – exam questions, twitter exchanges, emails. I was letting things slide – emails I needed to return, calls I needed to make, confrontations I needed to have.

I was scared. So I hid. I did nothing. I kept moving things from one day to the next in my calendar. I did nothing.

This weekend wasn’t a lot better. My stomach issues prevented me from running long. I just kept pushing things. I watched a lot of tv. I slept a lot.

But things got better. I had coffee with my girls yesterday and then trained a group of first time 5K-ers-to-be. I worked on my exam a little. I started checking things off.

And then things really picked up today. Nathan told me that I was overthinking things. I finally just started checking things off.

Nathan and I sat at a coffee shop and I finished my coaching exam, and I passed. I sent emails, and I got emails back with what I needed. I did a few things that are way outside of my current comfort zone. Once I marked a few things off, it just started to snowball. And in a few minutes? I have my first phone coaching appointment.

I don’t know what I was so afraid of.

But it is important to me to admit to you that I was afraid.

But everything is mostly okay now.

And I’ll probably be afraid again.

And I’ll come out just fine then too.



  1. Leaving the safety of lurking to say congratulations! Holy crow you’re a running coach – look at you! You are such an inspiration! And I’m always impressed when you share your challenges along with your victories! Go get ’em!

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