my mountain is waiting

Sometimes, way down deep in a ball of anger, I find a healthy dose of clarity.

Today hasn’t been my day. And, even though I would have liked to come to the decision on my own terms, the situation probably turned out the way I would have chosen.

I just would have liked to have had the choice, you know?

So just as I was in that place of anger that was making me sick to my stomach, I ran across this quote on facebook. I’m not going to say that it liberated my anger, but I will say that it made me pull back. It made me see the big picture. Reminded me where I want to be.

There are a lot of choices I can make.

I need to get on my way.



  1. You are such a wise woman – so much more evolved that whomever/whatever it was that caused the anger….just sayin’

    Coincidentally, Cameron pulled that book out of his bookshelf tonight for the first time and wanted me to read it to him. As I read through it, I realized the book really isn’t for kids as much as it meant for adults to reflect on growing up in retrospect. While he loved pointing out the colours and shapes, it put a smile on my face for many more reasons!

  2. Sometimes what happens to you is simply a push to get you where you should have been going–but where you may have been afraid to travel–anyway. I hope, my friend, that is true for you.

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