daily eats

I need to make a confession.

Over the past month, I’ve only been paying about 50% attention to my eating. I have continued to run on schedule, but I haven’t been focused on my eating. I’ve done a pretty good job, but not great. I ate carbs for dinner frequently. There was ice cream on Sunday night. I haven’t gone off the deep end, but I have been generally unfocused.

I was dreading the scale. Big time. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. I was feeling kinda puffy. I didn’t know what to expect.

A month. Unfocused. A gain of 1.8 pounds.

That was it.

And it was exactly what I needed to see to get back on the wagon. It wasn’t enough that I have to do a lot of back tracking. It was less than 2 pounds. Granted, I didn’t lose anything in the past month, but I was so busy. And pretty stressed out. So much that I was stressed about is now over. My new stressors are completely within my control. I decide how much I take on. (More on that in the next few days, though.)

Seeing my lack of damage on the scale, I was ready to go. And my eats were spot-on Team Bob.

Breakfast: Ezekiel toast with almond butter, chia seeds, banana slices. Oh, and Via.

Snack 1: greek yogurt and blueberries

Lunch: quinoa with strawberries, white cheddar, and balsamic vinegar

Snack 2: apple and baby cheese

(not pictured: a SINGLE BITE of Brooke’s birthday cupcake)

Dinner: turkey meatballs with peppers and onions

Run: a little under 3. I had planned 5, but the storm had other plans. So I just made them fast miles.

Were you happy with your eats today?



  1. I think the most amazing thing about the Rules is that if you aren’t 100% devoted, but are at least haphazardly following them…things can still happen. I can just half-ass the rules and at very least maintain, and usually drop half a pound in a week. If I really dedicate myself, I can drop 2-3 pounds. I’m not sure which rule it is that makes it work, but man, there is magic in those rules.

  2. Question – did you make the turkey meatballs from scratch? They look super yummy! I have been falling off the rules band wagon too. I love the idea of quinoa with strawberries, white cheddar, and balsamic vinegar. I knid of want to try this but find that if I don’t load up on major proteins during lunch. I am super hungry in an hour or so.

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