balance is a myth

I have been defiant. Maybe overwhelmed. I’m not sure the right word, but I know it isn’t productive. At all.

I haven’t been following any sort of eating plan. My house is a wreck. I didn’t even grocery shop this week, I just sent Nathan to the store for milk, bread, and apples.

Last week was incredibly stressful for me. And I just absorbed it all. I didn’t let it bounce off. I took it all in. And I’m not going to do that again.

I finished Firestarter Sessions today (sad trombone), and in my final reading, she talked a lot about balance. About how balance is a myth. About how I have to be comfortable letting my life ebb and flow, how I need to let my passion guide my focus and then just do the best I can do in the other areas of my life.

That really spoke to me. But just because something isn’t my focus doesn’t mean I am allowed to just give up entirely. I just have to figure out the system that helps the rest of my life fall in line. I still need to do the best I can. I can’t do nothing because I can’t do it perfectly.

In my heart, I know the answer. I need to make a plan and follow it. I’m working on a menu for next week. We’re having family in town next weekend, so I know the house will get clean before then, and then we’ll follow a schedule for maintenance. If I just spend an hour making a plan, I follow it. Because it is there. Because I don’t have to think about it. Making the time to do it is worth it.

I’m going to expect less balance for my life. Give myself a little leeway. But I’m going to set myself up for as much success as
possible. I’m going to get back to planning.

Balance is a myth, my friends. But I can do much better than I did this week.

And I will.


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  1. I am glad to know I am not the only one who feels this way. This past week I started a new job after 12 years at my other- in a totally different career field. Next week, our oldest heads off to college out of state. Lots of changes to be had. The house is trashed, my head is spinning, yet, I know all will be well. Your’e right, company is coming on Saturday…it will get taken care of. I like giving myself permission to not feel guilty about the areas of my life that are usually in particular order being a little messy. It often means other great things are happening- and they are! So celebrate instead of fret! God Bless!

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