The closer I get to my RRCA training (I’ll be on a plane this time next week!), the more nervous I get. The more I worry that I won’t fit in. The more I think that maybe this is all some wild dream that I’ll snap out of and come to my senses.

When I started to feel overwhelmed today, I took the time to write down what my fears were. What Fear was telling me.

That’s all crap. Bull. Lies. All of it.

I’m not listening to any of that anymore.

Don’t let me.



  1. Can I share with you some of the facts I’ve seen in the time following along here and over at Questions?

    The fact that you’re honest about where and who you are.
    The fact that you’re willing and able to work your butt off for what you want.
    The fact that you are commited to the process.
    The fact that you absolutely, positively LOVE what you’ve done, and continue to do, with the Ladies.
    The fact that this shines ALL OVER THE PLACE (with sparkles, fireworks, and huge smiles… no, really!).
    The fact that you’re being brave and putting this all out to share with us, and therefore, using your community to help — which you should because you give so much to that community in turn.

    Fear crops up when we’re so close to something that matters. It’s lots of things going on, but even in my own life, I could make a list eerily similar to that. (As I’m leaving my full time job on Tuesday to pursue my own heart work, which means depending on non-built in income and all of the fears that come with that, and the fear that my partner will get really frustrated I’m not bringing home the same amount.)

    And yet… and yet you are recognizing those messages for what they are, and you are asking us to lift you up and not let you fall into them. Because those aren’t the whole story. The fact that you recognize that and are being up front about it?

    Bravery, courage, and following your heart. All the freaking way.

  2. Keep this list so you can laugh at it one day.

    Seriously. When you started the LexRunLadies, what did you feel? Trepidation? Maybe a little fear? And you’ve been what? Wildly successful? An inspiration? Yes.

    Keep the list. Look back and laugh. You’re awesome. Don’t let the list make you forget it, either.

  3. While everyone else is spot on with great encouragement and advice, I’m here to tell you that I’m buying you the next “No Fear” t-shirt that I see. Do you think they have those in tech fabric? 🙂

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