but not a real green dress, that’s cruel.

Today’s Lululemon question is very straightforward, so I’m cutting righ to the chase.

What would you do if you won $1million?

(I realize that $1million is substantial, but not enough to sustain us for the long-term. So I’m trying to be practical here. What  would really do.)

First thing I would is resign from my job. Immediately. No notice. No apologies. I’d ship my laptop and my Blackberry to corporate and be done. I think everyone would understand. I think Nathan would work through a notice. He’s that kind of guy.

We’d buy a condo downtown. Hopefully one of those at Main and Rose (above Dunkin Donuts). We’d move in (probably do the moving ourselves), recarpet our current house, and put it up for sale. We’d pay off our student loans and credit cards. We’d grocery shop exclusively at the Farmer’s Market and special orders with the vendors there.

We’d buy a Vespa. Because with one parking spot, we’d need to be able to squeeze in a car and a Vespa. I’d also call and get details on that Jaguar parked on Pasadena Drive that they’re asking 10K for. That could be fun. If it is in good shape. If it didn’t work, we’d find an old but sturdy station wagon. A 90s model Mercedes would be super fun. I want a tank. With lots of room for all my boxes of tshirts. (If anyone ever wants to steal a tshirt, they could have a ball in my trunk right now between run group tees and RWAYH race shirts.) Our car would have to be something that I won’t mind getting stinky. Because, lets face it, the Bentleys are runners. We don’t smell that great sometimes.

I would find some way to make money at LexRunLadies. I’d make whatever financial investments necessary to get us established as a nonprofit. I’d sign up for the Life Coaching certification. I’d spend the first few months really learning about physiology, maybe even go back to school. I’d hire an assistant. We’d work virtually, meeting weekly for brunch or a run. I’d finish my memoir. I’d commit to radical self-care. I’d join our local Bikram yoga studios and probably the barre studio.

I don’t know what Nathan would do, but he wouldn’t hang out around the house. He’d work at a bookstore or a library somewhere. He’d definitely be around books. Or maybe a guitar shop. He’d be free to work somewhere he loves without having to worry about supporting us.

But first thing? While the paperwork was going through on our new house and our current house would be getting a deep clean, we’d board the cats and go to the Pacific Northwest. We’d spend a few weeks in Seattle and Portland. We’d run all over Seattle. It’d be awesome. Or maybe New England. But probably Seattle.

Big picture: I’d spend my days with people – running, coaching, brunching, networking. I’d keep doing what I’m doing now out of love, but I’d have the cushion to be able to take some time to figure out how to make it a living.

So, what about you?



  1. Off the top of my head. I’d pay off the mortgage, upgrade the car to something under 10 years old (17yrs and 330Km on it…heck, anything would be a step up!) and buy a share portfolio of blue-chip Aussie shares for the future.

    I’d also go for a nice (not extravagant, but not eating cornflakes for every meal) holiday to the UK with a couple of side trips to Europe thrown in. I’d seriously look into buying an investment flat in Edinburgh (where my family’s from – and we still have extended family there) but would probably decide it’s too much hassle. I like to keep my life simple and stress free.

    I’d buy my little girl the most wicked cubby and swing set you’ve every seen, and stick it in the back yard. I’d also give serious consideration to changing her bedroom into a style similar to some of those crazy Pinterest kids rooms you see….but then when I saw the cost I’d just buy more shares!

    I’d set aside a certain amount for charities and have fun allocating it to a number of different ones. I’d save $200 in the change jar next to the door just to make the next charity door knocking kids’ day 🙂

    We’d both keep working, because we both enjoy what we do.

  2. Oh, how much fun could we have with a million dollars?

    I think we’d stay on the same plan – but that money could fund our travels for YEARS!

    I’d also pay off my parents’ house so they don’t have to move and downsize (because they LOVE their house). I’d buy my parents and sister new cars. I’d fund my nephews college education – with the restriction that they have to achieve a certain high school GPA.

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