team bob check-in – week 4

Alright. Week 4 of Bob’s Skinny Rules done. I’m still shocked at the results. I lost another 1.5 pounds this week (which is crazy for week 4) and am at a total of 11.7 pounds lost. In a month. This is unheard of for me. I’m running outside, even with the heat (thanks friends for keeping me company!). My pace is getting faster. I’m feeling really good about this second cycle of marathon training.

But honestly, friends? I’m kinda struggling a little right now. I’m really wanting chocolate. I had Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter on my toast the last 2 mornings, just to meet that need in the healthiest way I could think of. And the last few evenings, I’ve been struggling with hunger a little. But I recognize that this is just for a few months. And it is getting me where I want to be.

I’m finding the whole process kinda strange, though. I’m not reacting the way I always thought I would. The plan (I hate to say “diet”) is restrictive. There are things that I cannot eat. There are recipes and snacks that become repetitive. I always thought that these things would be deal breakers for me. I love to cook. Creativity in the kitchen is a huge outlet for me. But instead of feeling bored, I’m feeling comforted. I know that I’m working the program correctly. I don’t have to wonder if certain foods are Bob Approved. I don’t have to worry that if I make a change, I may not lose. I know that our menu is good. It takes the guess work out of it for me. Again, I’m glad that this is short term, but it is actually a relief right now.

Oh. And my cheat meal? Yeah. I used my cheat meal on this:

Not sugar. Not fried food. Not a huge amount of food. But this lovely tomato salad (from the Fork in the Road food truck). It was “cheat” because it was dinner and there were carbs. I’m all about the carbs for breakfast and lunch, but they’re off limits for dinner. I just couldn’t turn this down on Tuesday night though. And I made it work.

I want to go ahead and answer the questions I got in the comments last time I talked about the Bob plan:

Does the book take into account vegetarians? I did a search for ‘vegetarian’ on the amazon reviews but didn’t see anything mentioned…and I know that he now eats meat, so I wonder if this book only reflects that? If it does, how easy do you think it would be to incorporate the rules into a vegetarian diet? – Elizabeth

I think it would it would be a challenge to work this program on a vegetarian diet, but I’m sure it could be done. We are eating more meat now than we were prior to starting this program, but that’s mostly because I wanted to follow the program to-the-letter the first few weeks. As long as you are comfortable finding other ways to get your protein in, you’ll be fine. I think it would be next to impossible to follow a vegan diet, though, because I eat a LOT of dairy.

Here’s my question: does the book present these rules as permanent changes? Or does a person commit to these rules and then taper off once a goal weight has been reached? I know you’ve just started on Team Bob, but what are your thoughts on following or breaking the skinny rules once you reach a weight that you feel happy with? -ab

This program is one I will follow until I meet my goal weight. Bob talks about reintroducing things back into your diet. He says that beer isn’t gone forever. And that pasta for dinner isn’t gone forever. But they need to be off-limits until you get to your goal weight and are comfortable maintaining. And then they will become the exception, not the norm. I am treating this program as a phase. I am working this program until I get to a weight where I am content. I am secure in my ability to maintain weight loss, but the challenge will be for me to figure out which rules are necessary to keep the weight off. I have a while before I get there though!

I’ve also talked to several of my friends (Lydia and Cassie, to be exact) about my take on the daily 1200 calorie limit. I agree that, for a lot of people, that is really low. It is frustrating to me that Bob doesn’t address working out in his book at all. I took the stance that my goal is 1200 net calories a day (the total of what I eat minus what I burn off). If I’m lower than 1200 net calories, I don’t try to eat the difference. But as long as I’m under, I’m happy. It doesn’t matter if I net 1199 or 900. If I’m under 1200, I’m happy. And on rest days, I’m happy with 1400. That happens maybe twice a week, and my weekly average is still under 1200. That seems to be working for me. But that’s just me.

Are any of you following Bob’s Skinny Rules? How is it going for you? Any other questions?



  1. Oooh, thanks for addressing vegetarianism. We’re reducing meat for ethical & financial reasons (so we can afford to eat meat we feel good about) but I’ve been thinking about getting this book.

  2. Interesting re vegetarian/vegan. I actually thought that Bob was vegan.
    So what about when you have your longer runs? Do you add in more carbs for your breakfast/lunch meals? Do you do anything different in terms of fueling for your long runs?

    • Bob addresses this in his book (at least he does it in the audio version, I haven’t checked the hard book for it). He explains that he went hard core vegan for a few years for all of the ethical reasons that most people do and after about 2 years he started getting soft and was losing his “figure” that he wanted to uphold as a trainer. Another trainer suggested that he reintroduce some animal protein and he decided to change. He says that he believes that he can still stand by his commitment to the cause he feels strongly about because he thinks that things have changed and are changing respecting how animals are being raised and treated. He referenced a famous vegan chef saying “So be a vegan who eats bacon.”

  3. I started following the Skinny Rules this week and I’m training for a marathon in September. I’m so glad to see that it’s working for you. It makes me excited to see how it’s going to work for me, too!

  4. Hey Krissie, I want to start doing the skinny rules myself and this might be a dumb question, but when you do your yogurt and berries thing, you are using plain yogurt correct? I just bought a large tub of vanilla chobani (my choice for smoothies) and now I’m worried I will mess something up because it has added sugar. But I don’t want to throw it out and my husband won’t eat it (he only likes that yocrunch stuff, with the candy, haha). Thoughts on that?

    • My thoughts? Don’t waste it. Eat it until it is gone. Use it as one of the options to stairstep, but think about choosing plain next time. I’m using plain Fage (greek yogurt).

      Or you could just buy something to add to it so your husband will eat it. 🙂

  5. I feel the exact same way you do. I’m so surprised that I feel slightly good about the restriction rather than wanting to rebel. HOWEVER, as I stated in the beginning, I have been allowing myself about 80 calories of dark chocolate as “dessert” after supper (about 7g carbs) if I want it, which is most nights. I’m doing it because I feel like it will truly help keep me from going out of my mind. However, now that I’m into it a few weeks, I am going to try to refrain from this unless I absolutely truly feel like I “need” it.

    I have yet to exercise. I even brought my bag to work with me at the beginning of the week so that I could change and get out for a walk and maybe even start a few minutes of running (I haven’t since I injured my knee after my 10k last fall). I still get random achiness in it, but I’m still going to give it a shot – don’t know what I”m scared of. Instead I have chosen errands in favour of exercise and it’s going to stop.

    I have to go back to my home town for a funeral tomorrow which is going to make it tough, but I’m going to do my very very best. I may have to cash in my “splurge meal” a day early and I’ll have to do weigh in tomorrow before we hit the road instead of Sunday. Overall though, I’m still feeling great about it and knowing that it is going to be a struggle at times, but not for the long terms is helping a lot. All those “other” people eating the junk that is tempting are not on Bob’s plan 🙂

  6. I’m actually loving it, although I’m really missing ice cream.

    I think there’s room for being creative here. I start week two on Monday and think I’ll make stuffed peppers or tomatoes or cabbage using quinoa or farro. Maybe stuffed zucchini as well.

    My non-negotiables were two cups of coffee (with organic half and half) daily. And I “cheated” with a bowl of Cheerios, skim milk and strawberries (carefully measured) last night because I was starving and had only had 950 calories that day. But it’s working. I’m down 4.5lbs. And I feel good. Not deprived. I can’t find time to snack twice a day. It’s crazy.

    Skinny Rules also gives me the structure I need for successful weight loss. I got out of practice with it. I can’t say I’ll use Skinny Rules for the next 70lbs I want to lose, but I will certainly use it for the month of July and I’d really like to find a way to use it throughout August, which can be a mess in terms of my work schedule. And then I’ll reassess.

    Thank you for trying this out first. I was so so so curious when the book came out but on principle I REFUSED to invest in anything that promoted “skinny.” Skinny is something I’ll never be, never want to be and don’t believe is healthy. I see now that the use of that word was really just a marketing ploy. Shame on Bob.

  7. I’m through the first two sections of the book, and I’ve been letting it all marinate in my brain. I have to wrap my thoughts around everything before I can take action on it.

    I think that I will plan to follow the meal plans pretty much to the letter for at least the first two weeks. However, I will maintain a goal of net calories as determined by myfitnesspal. I think it would be pretty ridiculous for you and I to shoot for the same net calories. We are at vastly different weights and, therefore, have different caloric needs. I really think 1200 is too low for me. I’ll get those additional calories just through increased serving sizes, though. At least, that’s the preliminary plan.

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  9. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal since January, eating within my calorie range (I’m 5’11 and have 30 pounds to lose) and I’ve lost a total of 3 lbs. I’ve tried both eating my exercise calories and not eating. Most weeks, the scale stays same. My first week on “Skinny Rules”, and I lost 5 pounds. A lot of the rules were things I was already doing with the exception of no Carbs after dinner, an apple a day, and focusing on more protein. I’m not sure why this works, but for this body it apparently does.

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