made of awesome


I had an amazing weekend. We went out of town. We stayed in a hotel. I got to see a lot of my friends. We had a fancy dinner. We got dressed up. It was a great time.

But even more than all of that? I felt pretty. For the first time in a very long time, I felt pretty without feeling like I was hiding something. No Spanx. No control-top hose. No tights and boots. Just a short dress, a pair of heels, and some straight hair.

When I got back to the hotel after our amazing dinner (if you’re ever in Louisville, Proof on Main is amazing!), I was looking at my pictures. And I realized I looked as hot as I felt.

I posted the picture on Facebook, and the compliments started pouring in. (I promise that isn’t why I did it, though.) My first reaction: minimize. I gave all the credit to my eating plan and a marathon training schedule. Today I realized that is garbage. That is a lie.

I may have sought out the tools, but I did the work.

This change? This is ME. My doing. Making the next best choice over and over and over.

Yes, I have Bob Harper and Hal Higdon to thank for the framework. But all the work? That was me. 100%.


I’m trying to stop minimizing my accomplishments. I’m trying very hard to recognize when I’m not giving myself enough credit. I have the tendency to hang my head and say, “it was nothing.” But this? This is something. I earned the right to take credit for this change. And I’m trying very hard to start doing so.

I am made of awesome.

And you are too, my friends.

Go find it.

radical responsibility

Today my running group headed to Louisville to run in the Color Run.

And, just in case I haven’t told you before, I organize and coordinate this running group. 4-5 group runs a week. Website, twitter, facebook. Meeting with various members for runs and reviewing training plans and having dinner. Nathan and I offered our home up to the group on Friday night for a bring-your-own-dinner Olympic Opening Ceremonies night.

I love this group. I feel like it is what I am supposed to do. I feel like it is who I am. Who I am supposed to be. I feel like I am finally starting to have some sort of idea how to eventually make this into a career, but I am doing this 100% for fun and warm fuzzy feelings right now. And I’m having lots of those.

My lovely friend Retta took this picture of me today. With my sign and balloons. Gathering people together. Making introductions. Literally forming a group. In that moment.

And the picture brought me to tears.

Because I am so proud of who I am. Because I am so proud that I took responsibility for the life I was living. Because I decided to take what I thought would make me happy and run with it. Because I don’t care how much of my time it takes. But because I took responsibility for who I am.

And I can’t wait to see who I become.

Hello there, Wagon

So I’ve had a difficult last few days. For a stupid reason.

At our run on Saturday, I had to tighten my fuel belt. Like a lot. I was so excited to get on the scale on Tuesday. I just knew I’d show a big loss. I was excited.

But Tuesday? I was up a pound. Up. I haven’t gained since I started on Team Bob. I was not happy.

So Tuesday? My eating was sorta unfocused. And Wednesday? The closest thing I’ve had to a binge. I ate good all day, even staying on plan at dinner. But then I skipped my run. And then I had a glass of wine. And a bowl of cereal.

I really lost my focus.

But this morning? I got up and ran. My eating was focused.

I fell off yesterday. And I got right back on today.

And I feel awesome.

Pre-run: Stinger Waffle

Run: 3.85 (very humid) miles

Breakfast: Via, toast/pb/half banana

Snack: apple and cheese

Lunch: tomatoes, beans, tuna

Snack: Grande iced latte

Dinner: Salad bar trip (lettuce, tomatoes, avacado, little bit of cheese, beans, olives, vinegar).

It was a great day.



Some people know what they want and then they go get it.

They work training plans. They follow diets. They make plans and lists and check things off item by item.

That’s where I’m having trouble with my professional goals. Because I’m not exactly sure what my end game looks like, but I’m getting closer. And I have my friends to credit for that.

When I ran with my friend Ann today, I talked some things through. Some things I probably should go ahead and start doing already. Because I’m not going to get any more comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone unless I go ahead and start doing it. I’m not going to get anything I want unless I start asking.

So the to-do list for the upcoming week includes lots of research. Lots of emails. Lots of discomfort. Lots of putting my neck out. And making some necessary changes that might make others uncomfortable. But I can’t be afraid of that. If I’m going to grow, I’ve got to be all in.

This is my friend Mark. He is all in. He asks for what he wants. He follows a crazy training plan. And he is swim/bike/run-ing an Ironman next month. His passion is infectious. I want to take what I have learned from Mark and start applying it to my my professional journey, not just my running journey.

In my head, the chance of me creating a career out of running and community has made the move from impossible to improbable.

Inevitable is next, friends.

chasing 153

A little bit before I started this blog, I announced my desire to weigh 153 by the Asheville Half Marathon. It was a crazy lofty goal. I knew this.

I weighed 178.4 when I weighed in on June 4th. Losing 25 pounds in 14 weeks seemed impossible, I’m not going to lie. It has taken me 3 years to lose the 59 pounds so far. So why should I think that I could lose 25 pounds in 14 weeks?

It was crazy.

So crazy that I even gave myself a graduated goal system.

Satisfied goal – 163.

Happy goal – 158.

Ecstatic goal – 153.

In my head, I had even given myself until the OBX full marathon in November to get to 153 and still be happy.

But even that? It seemed out of my reach. I’ve set so many weight goals before and not met them. The goals I’ve met have all been smaller, less drastic goals. I was nervous to put this out into the world. But now, a little shy of halfway in, I’ve never felt more confident.

I’m following Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules. The last few weeks were challenging (an out-of-town weekend followed by a stomach virus), but I jumped right back on where I fell off. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’m not allowing myself to extrapolate where I could be if I continue at this pace, because I know I won’t. I’m not getting ahead of myself. All I know is that I’m less than 2 pounds away of meeting my lowest tier goal. And the end date is still 8 weeks away.

I went to try on dresses for our anniversary dinner in a few weekends, and I am comfortably a 10. TEN. As in, one size away from single digits. I know I bought 8s last week, but they were a little snug. But it didn’t occur to me that that meant that I could be comfortable in a 10. But I am.

I’m doing this, friends.

9 years

I haven’t been sad about deleting my old blog until now. I had 5 years of anniversary posts over there. It is okay, though. Because some of you may be new. This may be when you are being introduced to Nathan.

Say hello to my Big Red Fella.

I’ve been with Nathan since 1999. We were married in 2003.

And we’ve never looked back.

He is my cheerleader. My encourager. He runs with me. He comes back for me.

Yes, friends. He ran a marathon. And then walked a mile to support me through my last mile. And that’s the kind of stuff he does every day.

He supports me in everything I do. He gets up with me at 4:45 and runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He eats what I put in front of him. He doesn’t bring foods that aren’t on plan into the house. I could make a variety of crazy food declarations (and I have), and he goes with it. He is just a happy guy. And he keeps me happy.

If you read my old blog, you already know how wonderful he is. And if you’ve just met me through this one? You’ll learn. Because I’ll tell you often.

Happy anniversary, Honey. You are my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to see where our life takes us.

LuLu Question 1: 8 things i value most

About a year ago, I was obsessing about a workout bag that I didn’t purchase. Last spring, I went to DC with my girls. We wandered into a Lululemon and I fell in love with a bag. I didn’t buy it. I still wish I had.

Anyway, I was poking around the Lululemon site, and then the blog. And I discovered all of this information about goal setting from back in 2010. I took it to heart. I worked through all the worksheets. And then I put it away. Because I wasn’t ready.

I feel like I’m ready now. So I’m going to work through it again.

And I’m inviting you to come with me.

I feel like I have some sort of idea where I want to go, although I do not know what many of the specifics of that looks like. So I’m starting with the questions that Lululemon throws at me. In order to not overwhelm you, I’m going to post them one at a time. Here and there. So you can just respond in the comments.

This’ll be fun.

Today’s Lulu question:

What are the 8 things you value most in life?

So grab a blank piece of paper and go! I’ll wait right here…

Here’s my list:

I went a little outside of my comfort zone and decided not to do just a simple list.

It’s a start on pretty!

My Top 8:

  1. Marriage. The rest is just details.
  2. Jesus and his plan for me.
  3. Family. To be an active member and an example.
  4. Community. Strength in numbers.
  5. Running. And the sense of achievement that comes with it.
  6. Gratitude and Contentment.
  7. Fulfilling my potential. Not being complacent.
  8. Food. Being educated, involved, and creative.

What does your list look like? Are you living it out?