#reverb14 // day 9 // taking care

#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 9

It has been said that you must learn to take care of yourself before you can be effective at taking care of others.  How did you take care of yourself in 2014?  How will you take care of yourself in 2015?

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 7.48.08 PM

I feel like this is the lesson that I learned in 2014.

My body knows what it needs. I’ve just had to learn how to listen.

Exhausted? I need to sleep.

Hungry? I need to eat.

Full? I need to stop eating.

Antsy? I need to move.

Curious? I need to learn.

Overwhelmed? I need to rest.

But I’ve learned that it doesn’t stop there.

Anxious? I need to clean house. Organizing my space helps clear my head.

Discouraged? I need to create.

Negative about my body? I need to get on my yoga mat.

Stressed about money? Go through the car wash. There’s just something about an automatic car wash that creates a feeling of luxury.

I don’t always listen, but I’m getting better.

I am working through the process of notice, respect, respond. And I’m starting with myself.


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the joy

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about the plans and happenings in my little family of two.

As I recited our long list, he said, “Wow. You know your life is full of awesome, right?”

And my response was a full-hearted yes.

I get to play Dance Mom/Wife to the best group of Irish Dancers the world has ever seen. (Who also took 2nd place in the regional competition in Minneapolis. BOOM.)


Lexington is an amazing place to live. This is where we bought most of our Christmas gifts. And ate Thai from a food truck.


Lexington is also bright and hip and merry. These chairs are in one of our independent bookstores. I mean, seriously. And also? The bathroom in this bookstore is my happy place. Seriously. The walls.


As much as I love Nathan, and as much as his friends are my friends as well, it is just amazing to watch him operate within a group that just truly gets him. Maybe it is because the spoil him a little as well. But they all take care of each other. It is so much fun to watch. Especially on Friendsgiving.


We get to hang out in Cincinnati with Miranda on the regular. The freedom we feel when we are there speaks volumes to her hospitality. Comfortable shoes and an appetite are all we need. It just feels like Miranda has always been in our life. She is just the greatest. (And my only resolution for 2015 is to set up my phone tripod and take more pictures of my groups of people. With myself in them.)


I could not be more thrilled to have the Johnstons in our life. Again, we are just completely at ease with them. Mario Kart. Spiked eggnog. Making gingerbread houses. There are no words of gratitude for the joy of true, easy friendship that we celebrated at Friendsmas this weekend.


And then somedays you realize that someone who you have never actually hugged (and lives hundreds and hundreds of miles away) is just a few hours down the interstate. And you arrange a distillery tour, drink bourbon, and eat smoked meat. Yup, that happened this weekend, too.



I don’t know how many years that we’ve had one specific caroling performance on our list of things we wanted to do for the holidays. And this year we finally made it to the Carols and Lessons service. I don’t think we’ll ever miss it again.


The holidays are always so special, but this year has truly felt different for me. I don’t know if it is believing that what I have to give is enough. Or realizing that there truly is enough time and energy for the most important things. Or just chilling out as I get older. But this is the happiest I have ever felt at Christmas. Presents are wrapped. The house is a mess. Cookies aren’t going to get made. But I am happy.

And I hope the same happiness is surrounding you.

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#reverb14 // day 5 // let it go

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 5

Letting go: For next year, I’m letting go of…

the need for achievement.

goals that have a number attached to them.

the belief that I need to have a clean house at all times.


fear around my bank account.

letting the fear of being misunderstood preventing me from speaking up.



imposter syndrome.

determining my self-worth by blog stats and newsletter subscribers.

the fear of getting older.

I keep coming back to jealousy.

animosity toward my body.

Here’s to 2015. And I love that I feel like I have a good, healthy start on most of these. 2015 just feels like a continuation. But it is glorious to put this in writing.

courageous foundation long
We will learn new patterns of interacting with our bodies. Truly listening. Truly responding. Making true and sometimes uncomfortable steps to improve the estranged relationships with our bodies. Click here for more information.

#reverb14 // day 4 // do over

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 4

Do Over: Hindsight is the one thing we never benefit from in the present.  Is there one moment you wish that you could do-over?

As I talked about in the last post, I have very, very little regret in the past year.

But I knew immediately how I would respond to this prompt. Immediately.

Mine do-over moment is so tiny, friends. So tiny that it feels silly even talking about it.

When I was in Nashville in June, I visited a coffee shop that had a few little artisan booths. Nothing over the top, just enough to browse while I waited on my iced latte.

It was hot. I’d walked a lot. I had blisters on my feet. I was over a mile from my weekend home. And I decided that I wanted one of everything in this little artisan corner. I picked up three things: earrings, a necklace and a mala (similar to this one, but just kinda.) I convinced myself that I didn’t really need all three of them. That I just wanted them because I felt hot and miserable and I just wanted to console myself. I talked myself out of the mala. I took home the necklace and the earrings. And I wear them both all of the time.

Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 6.07.10 PM

I’m still kicking myself for not buying the mala. I’ve been back to Nashville twice, and trekked across town to check and the vendor is gone. Yes, there are other little beauties that I want to buy there, but not the mala. Womp womp.

By the way, Santa? Here you go.

courageous foundation long

Courageous Foundation is a 6-week process of building respect, trust, and friendship with your body. Click here for more information.

#reverb14 // day 3 // coulda woulda shoulda

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 3

Coulda woulda shoulda: What didn’t you do this year because you were too scared, afraid, unsure?  Are you going to do it next year?  Or maybe you don’t want to anymore?

So I’m just going to go with my initial reaction on this one. Even though it feels like a cop-out.

What did I not do because I was scared or unsure? Nothing. NOTHING.

2014 was a freaking brave year. 2014 was the year that I allowed yoga to take hold of my life.


I took a yoga self-portraiture course that genuinely changed my life. I went to yoga camp. I signed up for – and am halfway through – yoga teacher training.

I have allowed yoga and yoga philosophy to shape my experience of the the world. I have watched my prayer life make amazing leaps because of what yoga has taught me about stillness. I have watched my relationship with my body and food shift into noticing, respecting, and responding instead of attempting to control.


I have also learned to have realistic expectations of myself. And a lot of that has come in the form of recognizing time. How much I have. How I spend it. How much I commit myself to.

And that is where my lack of coulda-woulda-shouldas come in.

I had realistic expectations of myself this year. Because of that, I don’t have any shoulds or coulds hanging out. I know that I am in a phase of building. Achievement will come later. There are opportunities I could have pursued more, but I knew that I couldn’t expect myself to have time to fulfill the opportunity if I didn’t even have time to pursue it.

This year was nothing like I expected. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

courageous foundation long

It is that time, isn’t it? Reflecting on what we did or didn’t accomplish in 2014. And dreaming about what could be in 2015. But maybe you want next year to be different.

Courageous Foundation is an alternative to resolutions. Courageous Foundation is a six-week program where you will build a friendship with your body. You will learn to listen to your body and trust what she can tell you. This offering guides you through a journey of learning how you naturally react to food, movement, and beauty when all of the noise is shut off.

Videos. Audio meditations. Journal prompts. Yoga classes. Virtual hangouts. Secret Facebook group and scheduled group chats. All of that is included. You also have the option for additional one-on-one support from me. Follow this link for more info, to register, or to hold your spot.

Reverb14 // day 2 // beautiful

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#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 2

Gorgeous | When did you feel beautiful this year?  Why?

Early in the morning. In a swanky hotel room. Could have been anywhere since we never left the skyway, but my flight itinerary told me we were in Minneapolis.

Nathan was still in the huge, white, fluffy bed. My hair was a fuzzy, but it felt glorious. Thick and curly and all over the place. Because it is mine. Because it is a legacy that came from both of my parents. And that our child would have had.


Makeup was my usual. Nothing different. But the mirror and the lighting… I just felt beautiful. Not pretty, but beautiful.

And I feel like my work the last few months have brought me to this point. I’m inviting you to join me in January.

courageous foundation long

Courageous Foundation is about figuring out what you physically need. I will teach you to start noticing what your body is telling you. You will start to see what your body is craving with food, movement, and beauty. Once you notice, we will start to take action.

We are building a foundation of friendship between you and your body. And this process is not easy or painless. We were taught to ignore what our bodies have told us. We were not taught to eat based on hunger. We don’t equate movement with joy. And often we approach beauty as a fix instead of adornment. And I want to change that for you. So that you are able to have a firm, joyful physical foundation to build upon. And then see a complete and true version of yourself rise up.

Click here for more information and to register! You can comment here with any questions you might have.

reverb14 // day 1 // background

I am participating in Reverb14 again this year. I am making a commitment to respond – in some way – to each of the 21 prompts. They may not be daily for 21 days. They may be in clumps. They may be here or in my journal or on my Instagrams. But I will respond. Because I think reflection is important. And because I feel like 2014 has been a big year. And I want to make sure it gets the respect it deserves.

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 7.48.08 PM

#Reverb14 | Prompt for December 1

At the start | Where did you start 2014?  Give us some background on this year.

I thought 2014 would be the year of big things. The year I’d lose weight, figure out a system to keep a clean house, and be on the verge of self-employment. 2014 was going to be my year.

I have done none of those things. My weight is within a pound of where I was on January 1, 2014. My house is full of piles. I am too joyfully engaged in yoga school and my clients to even begin to think about a real-job exit strategy.

And I have never been happier.

I may not have lost any weight, but I will hopefully be coming off of my blood pressure medication in March (she wanted to take me off last month, but I want some maintenance time) because I am healthier. I am paying attention to my salt intake. I’m taking a few different supplements. I’m doing yoga regularly. I may not look any different on the outside, but different things are going on in there.

My house isn’t usually ready for company, but it functions. The bathrooms and kitchen are typically clean. We just have stuff everywhere because we are constantly moving around the house. We want to be in the same room working on our things. Or I’m working in the multi-purpose room and he needs it to dance in. My yoga gear is propped up in the corner of the living room because I like to do yoga here and seeing my gear frequently reminds me to roll it out. All of this is okay.

I am trusting that I will figure out my career when it needs to be figured out. Right now, my real job suits me. I don’t think I’ll be here forever, but I’m in no rush to get out. None at all. I have time and energy when I leave work. So this coaching stuff? It is a hobby. I’m making a little play money from a HOBBY. That’s pretty darn fantastic. And it keeps the work from having any pressure. Will there come a time when I can make it work? I hope so. But I’m not going to rush it.

I didn’t accomplish anything I wanted for this year except truly trying to embody my word: assured. That I can figure things out. That I am enough. That God takes care of me. And that my gut is trustworthy.